Packaged Product Recovery System uses single-stream recovery sequence.

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Designed and built to application requirements, ProductSaver® uses single-stream separation sequence that enables controlled recovery of dry contents for residual re-sale, reuse, or disposal as well as recovery of packaging material for recycling or disposal. Infeed is handled by one operator; whether pallet loads, cases, or single packs, no break-pack or razor knife steps are necessary. Separation is made possible via combination of integrated rotary separator and inline aspiration.

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Product Recovery System Provides Automated and Controlled Removal of Packaged Contents from Packaging; Reduces Material Loss, Improves Sustainability Metrics

HOLLAND, Michigan - National Bulk Equipment, Inc. (NBE). NBE introduces the ProductSaver® line of packaged product recovery systems. Scrutiny of the costs and causes of material loss within processing and packaging operations, and the continual pursuit of sustainability performance improvements have made a priority of the safe and efficient recovery of packaged product and packaging that may be off-spec, mis-labeled, overruns, unsafe, or for other reasons, unsalable. ProductSaver® packaged product recovery systems provide automated removal of packaged dry contents from the content's packaging. This separation process enables controlled recovery of the contents for beneficial residual re-sale, reuse, or efficient disposal; and recovery of the packaging material for recycling, or disposal.

The ProductSaver system integrates package infeed, package opening, and contents and package separation processes into a single-stream product recovery sequence. Infeed is handled by one operator; whether pallet loads, cases, or single packs, no break-pack or razor knife steps are necessary; improving total process efficiency and protecting personnel from knives and repetitive motion injury. Package opening occurs within the cutting head enclosure where high-speed blades, configured to ensure maximum material release without shredding the package, prepare the package for the separation operation. Automated package opening enables safe, high-volume processing and eliminates dusting that is common with manual methods. The integrated rotary separator uses a screen drum with angled flights to complete the separation of contents from the packaging. Inline aspiration removes residual contents from the packaging, providing up to 99.95% of content recovery. Recovered contents are reclaimed into bulk containers for convenient handling. The recovered packaging material is collected and prepared for recycling or disposal.

ProductSaver packaged product recovery systems are designed and built to the particular requirements of each application, regardless of package shape; from single-use ampoules to 150-pound sacks; regardless of package type, from filter packs to dissolvable packets, and fiberboard to flexible packaging; and regardless of contents, from highly regulated powder, sanitary materials, and combustible dusts, to feed and grain.

The process-specific design and materials of construction of ProductSaver systems ensure they are built to the particular processes and practices of the application and aid in attaining optimal compliance contribution (OCC). ProductSaver systems can be built to meet the FDA, cGMP definition for cleanability according to 21CFR110.40, with design features that proactively facilitate thorough cleaning, validation, and inspection. Additional protections for product and personnel, in support of OCC, according to 29CFR1910.217, include: machine hard guarding that permits pass-through of materials while guarding operators from contact with machine hazards; guarding that permits viewing of guarded processes, reducing the need to remove guards; and when guards must be removed, guard retention systems on the machine that protect personnel during maintenance, validation, and inspection procedures.

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