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New standard features on conveyorized rotary-arm stretch wrappers enhance pallet-load containment and machine value

Patented features include Load-Seeking(TM) Film Clamp to maximize load containment and Pallet-Grip® system to securely lock load to shipping pallet.

August 2008 - Two of the material handling industry's "most wanted" options are now standard features on all Lantech conveyorized rotary-arm stretch wrappers (Models S-1200, S-1500, S-2500, S-3500 and S-4000). Pallet-Grip® and the Load-Seeking(TM) Film Clamp are "top-rated" features for maximizing load containment and reducing product damage, according to Allison Myers, Lantech Product Manager. "Our customers are under tremendous pressure to meet sustainability objectives with less shipping damage and decreased stretch film use," Myers said. "In short, they're asking us for tools that enable them to get more containment bang for every buck spent. Pallet-Grip and the Load-Seeking Film Clamp are just the right tools for the job."

Pallet-Grip allows automatic stretch wrappers to wrap below the deck of the shipping pallet - locking the load to the pallet - while still wrapping to the machine's full 80-inch height capability. Similarly, the Load-Seeking Film Clamp ensures maximum stretch-wrap containment force when used on conveyorized wrapping systems, which are sometimes compromised with slack film because the distance between the load and film delivery system can vary.

Both new features are patented Lantech technology. Pallet-Grip rolls several inches of the film web into a cable and places it at a specified height below the pallet deck, while the remainder of the film web captures the load above the deck to create the most effective containment system on the market. Precise placement of the film cable ensures truck forks won't tear it. It captures any style of pallet from four to six inches high. "Pallet-Grip is proven to minimize load shifting during truck shipment," Myers stated.

The Load-Seeking Film Clamp captures the film tail at the end of every wrap cycle, and then it automatically "finds" the next pallet on the conveyor as it moves into position, holding the stretch film for an ideal start on each new load. "The Load-Seeking Film Clamp allows center-lining of pallets on the conveyor and is extremely reliable at capturing the film tail," Myers added.

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