PAC'S Green Solution to Edge Protection

Recently, our experts have come up with an innovative and green solution for our customer's unitizing and edge protection. Our new EcoGuard(TM) is manufactured from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene AND once it's reached the end of its usefulness, it too can be recycled. This is because we make it with no glues, adhesives, inks, or other non-plastic contaminates that would hinder recyclability. But the EcoGuard(TM) is more than just eco-friendly; it is also a great product that will never let you down.

Unlike paper products, the EcoGuard(TM) is moisture- and weather-resistant and won't break down if stored outdoors. You can use it with strap or stretch film, which unitizes smaller packages and can reduce pilferage and damage. Because of its solidly built construction, it will improve stacking strength for more efficient use of your warehouse space. If used with our outstanding selection of strapping, EcoGuard(TM) disperses tension around your loads, which will increase your packages' integrity and reduce strap and shipping damage. And finally, in addition to our wide variety of stock sizes, EcoGuard(TM) can be custom produced to match your needs perfectly.

Across the board, the EcoGuard(TM) is not only great for the environment but also for your bottom line. It is a win-win combination that is only available at PAC Strapping!

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