PAC Machinery Group Customer Case Study: Orchard View Farms

Walter and Mabel Bailey established Orchard View Farms in 1923 to what is now an operation that produces and packages premium fresh cherries from 1,700 acres of fruit trees. Along with providing sweet premium cherries, Orchard View Farms licenses View Fresh, a patented cherry packaging technology specifically designed to keep cherries fresh for over 35 days from packing.


To increase production, Orchard View Farms was looking to increase the number of bag sealing machines to coincide with providing the best freshness and taste in packaging cherries.


After a competitive review of the marketplace, Orchard View Farms and View Fresh chose Packaging Aids Corporation's Fresh PAC. With its top design for easier bag loading, the Fresh PAC provides speed, flexibility, and reliability for high volume packaging solutions.


Orchard View Farms has seen an increase in speed and reduced maintenance costs compared to their other previous machines.

"Production has benefited in that the machines process a few seconds faster than our other machines, which dramatically makes a difference in a days' work. The PAC machines need less maintenance and have a longer life on the heating wire strips," said Ryan Durow, manager of View Fresh at Orchard View Farms.

Along with a benefit in production, Orchard View Farms has been impressed with Fresh PAC's safety and ease of usability. "It is very easy to set the times with the knobs making it user friendly," said Ryan Durow.

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