P-80 Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricants

Many industries rely heavily on natural and synthetic rubber for manufacturing purposes. The slip resistant nature of rubber makes it difficult to install, remove or manipulate. The installation of rubber components can take up considerable time on the assembly line. Improper alignment or installation may lead to a reduction in the life-cycle of the components and result in inherent safety issues. Ergonomics and worker safety are also concerns. There are many assembly applications that can benefit from reduced friction and increased safety including, but not limited to, the installation of belts, bumpers, seals, gaskets. grommets, bushings, O-rings, tires and hoses.

Frost and Sullivan, an independent global research organization, has awarded International Products Corporation (IPC) the 2012 North American Product Leadership Award in Automotive Assembly Lubricants for its line of P-80 Temporary Assembly Lubricants. Frost & Sullivan used the following criteria to evaluate P-80's performance versus that of key competitive products:

· Product Features/Functionality

· Product Acceptance in the Marketplace

· Product Quality

· Innovative Element of the Product

· Customer Value Enhancements

The results of the study indicated that P-80 ranked highest in every one of the above areas.

P-80 Temporary Rubber Lubricants reduce assembly time and part failure, while increasing safety. P-80 can be used to:

· Reduce installation force

· Increase production rates

· Reduce rejects

· Achieve closer fits

· Improve product performance

· Avoid musculoskeletal and slippage related injuries

Download the complete Frost & Sullivan report; www.ipcol.com/pdfs/FSAWARD.pdf

P-80 Lubricants

· P-80 Emulsion: ¡§The Original.¡¨ A biodegradable blend of synthetic esters and water. P-80 Emulsion provides a thin film of lubrication to significantly reduce friction.

· P-80 THIX: A biodegradable, non-drip thixotropic gel that is ideal for overhead and vertical assembly operations. Provides excellent lubrication.

· P-80 Grip-it: A quick-drying, water-based surfactant mixture that dries tacky to help parts stay in place. Excellent for use on pressure-tested hoses.

· P-80 RediLube: A biodegradable, low-residue lubricant designed for use on non-porous and coated rubber surfaces. Lubricates well but dries quickly and completely.

· P-80 Emulsion IFC & P-80 THIX IFC: Have the same lubricating properties as P-80 Emulsion and P-80 THIX, but are formulated for use on parts that may come in contact with food. Typical applications include assembly of appliances, pumps, and food-processing equipment.

P-80 IFC Temporary Rubber Lubricants are registered with NSF for use in USDA H1 applications and meet FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570, which controls lubricants in contact with food surface areas.

P-80 Temporary Assembly Lubricants are available from International Products Corporation headquartered in Burlington, New Jersey. Contact us for detailed product information or to obtain a free sample for testing.

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