P-80 Lubricants - Two Year Shelf Life!

We are pleased to inform you that all sizes of P-80 lubricants, except P-80 RediLube, now have a two-year shelf life.  This change is based on in-house stability testing conducted by our VP of Research, Quality & Safety.

The new shelf life applies to the following lubricants:

1.    P-80 Rubber Lubricant Emulsion

2.    P-80 THIX Rubber Lubricant Gel

3.    P-80 Grip-It Quick Drying Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant

4.    P-80 Emulsion IFC (for Incidental Food Contact Applications)

5.    P-80 THIX IFC (for Incidental Food Contact Applications)

P-80 RediLube will continue to have a one year shelf life because it is a relatively new product.  After long term stability tests are completed, P-80 RediLube's shelf life may be increased to two years as well. Recommended storage and handling instruction are found on the Material Safety Data Sheets.  Please email us with your lot number if you need a Certificate of Analysis certifying a 24-month shelf life for your specific lot.

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P-80 lubricants are manufactured by International Products Corporation headquartered in Burlington New Jersey – USA. View the entire line of P-80 lubricants at http://www.ipcol.com. Contact me for product information or a free sample kit at mkt@ipcol.com or call 609-386-8770.

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