Ozone Tester determines ozone resistance of rubber.

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Based on Beer-Lambert law to inspect ozone concentration without use of chemicals, QT-0500 ozone tester provides automatically controlled ozone concentration environment for evaluating resistance of rubber products to cracking during service life. Generated by 185 nm UV-lamp, ozone can be controlled between 0-1,000 pphm for model QT-0500 or 200-30,000 pphm for model QT-0500AC. Temperature can be controlled between 68-194°F, and set values are maintained by PLC control system.

Original Press Release:

Qualitest Introduces the QT-0500 Line of Ozone Testers

The new QT-0500 Ozone tester is designed to provide an automatically controlled ozone concentration environment for determining the ozone resistance of rubber. The tester adopts the ultraviolet ray absorption principle and is based on the Beer-Lambert law to inspect the ozone concentration without the use of chemicals.

Ozone testing is an accelerated test method used primarily for evaluating the resistance of rubber products to cracking during service life. Samples are placed in a fixture so that the surface is in tension and placed in the exposure chamber for a time period specified by either the ASTM method or the user. One of three ASTM methods are commonly followed in the evaluation of rubber products including: ASTM D 470, test methods for crosslinked insulations and jackets for wire and cable, ASTM D 1171, test method for rubber deterioration ¬ surface ozone Cracking outdoors or chamber (triangular specimen), ASTM D 3395, test methods for rubber deterioration ¬ dynamic ozone cracking in a chamber, ASTM D 4575 and ASTM D 1149.

The required ozone concentration and temperature are set on the touch screen display and the set values are maintained by a PLC control system. The ozone is generated by a 185nm UV-lamp and can be controlled between 0-1,000pphm for model QT-0500 or 200-30,000pphm for model QT-0500AC. The temperature can be controlled between 68 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit (20 and 90 degrees Celsius) with an accuracy of +/- 2 degrees.

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