Ozone Generator removes odors and germs.

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Model PT109 creates ozone, neutralizing airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, spores, and viruses. Built-in timer can be set to run from 5-60 min at 5 different fan settings. Unit provides effective coverage up to 3500 sq ft with ozone output ranges from 100-1300 Mgph. It can be run continuously at lowest settings in large occupied areas having good circulation. Applications include cars, homes, offices, restaurants, warehouses, and hotels.

Original Press Release:

Jenesco Announces PT109 Ozone Generator for Cost Effective Removal of Odors and Germs

AMHERST, NH, February 25, 2003 - Jenesco, Inc. a manufacturer of innovative environmental solutions for home, office, and work, announces the PT109 Ozone Generator, a powerful solution for neutralizing airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, spores, and viruses. The benefits of PT109 usage include the elimination of odors and organisms causing spoilage.

PT109 features variable fan speeds and ozone output levels. It can be run continuously at its lowest settings in large occupied areas having good circulation. A built-in timer allows the unit to run for a pre-determined length of time and provides the ability to safely give normally occupied areas, higher levels of treatment in off-hours. Effective coverage ranges up to 3500 square feet. Ozone output ranges from 100 to 1300 Mgph. The timer can be set to run from 5 to 60 minutes at 5 different fan settings.

How it Works
The PT109 works by creating ozone, a colorless gas made up of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone (O3) is a powerful sterilent that oxidizes mold and mildew, pollen, odors, and other airborne organisms upon contact, rendering them inactive, leaving behind pure clean oxygen, O2, in the air. The PT109 is ideal for removing mold and odors in automobiles, limousines, buses, airplanes, recreational vehicles, rental cars, vans, boats, kennels, veterinary offices, homes, basements, crawl spaces, rest rooms, locker rooms, fitness facilities, restaurants, kitchens, food services, walk-in coolers, grocery stores, butcher shops, office buildings, warehouses, motels, hotels, resorts, designated smoking areas, trailers, and more.

Ozone generators are used in car washes, by detailers, and dealers, apartment managers, fire departments, and professional cleaning services for smoke and flood restoration. Dry cleaners use ozone generators to deodorize smoke damaged clothing and odorous sports equipment. They are great for recreating smoke-free rooms in hotels and motels. They destroy odors from hair sprays, nail polish, and chemicals used for hair coloring and perms in hair salons. On the farm, ozone is used to reduce livestock odors, combat airborne and surface pathogens, infection causing bacteria, viruses and spores in breeding areas, particularly in the poultry and swine industries.

Black toxic mold is a dangerous source of indoor air pollution. It has been reported that as much as 60 % of all common health problems have a direct or indirect link to toxic mold. Mold has even recently been discovered as a major source of depression in humans who are exposed to it on a continual basis. The PT109 is one of the most effective, yet least costly means of killing mold and mildew.

Pricing and Availability
The PT109 is available immediately at a suggested retail price of $419.00. Dealer inquiries are encouraged. The PT109 is one member of an entire product family line of Jenesco ozone generators described on the Jenesco website (see company description below).

Safe Usage: Operation of the ozone generator in an occupied area should be in compliance with the levels allowed by OSHA and the EPA. Visit the Jenesco website for additional information and safe usage.

Jenesco, Inc.
Jenesco is dedicated to developing innovative engineering solutions that address the environmental improvement needs of home, office, and work areas. Learn more about Jenesco at www.jenesco.com . Dealers may call (603) 673-4830, fax (603) 673-4499 or e-mail sales@jenesco.com with any questions.

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