Oxygenator inhibits anaerobic multiplication.

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Suited for 50-100 gal sumps, Large Oxygenator aerates coolant and wash water to help prevent bacterial rancidity. Industrial-grade tubing, equipped with air diffusers, disperses tiny air bubbles into fluid, discouraging growth of anaerobic bacteria. Unit also serves to extend coolant life, eliminate foul odors, and maintain oxygen levels.

Original Press Release:

Zebra Skimmers Corporation Introduces Its Large Oxygenator

Cleveland, OH-Zebra Skimmers Corporation, a full line manufacturer of oil skimmers and coolant maintenance equipment, introduces its Large Oxygenator. The Large Oxygenator aerates coolant and wash water to help prevent bacterial rancidity. This technique is accomplished by utilizing industrial grade tubing equipped with air diffusers which disperse tiny air bubbles into the fluid, thus discouraging the growth of anaerobic bacteria. The Large Oxygenator will benefit sumps of 50-100 gallons in size.

Meg Grant, Inside Sales & Service, says "Previously, customers with sumps larger than 50 gallons had to aerate them using multiple smaller units. The Large Oxygenator will replace that need, thus lowering equipment and power costs."

Other benefits of using the Oxygenator include:
o Extends coolant life
o Eliminates foul odors
o Maintains high oxygen levels

"In the absence of oxygen, anaerobes multiply, causing coolant to spoil," Grant adds. "Injecting oxygen into the coolant inhibits anaerobic bacterial growth, extending coolant life."

Zebra Skimmers, the leader in coolant maintenance for over a decade, invents new technology to save customers money on coolant while reducing waste. Zebra Skimmers markets and supports its equipment worldwide. Most products are guaranteed for at least one year and some for life.

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