Oxygen Monitoring System targets MRI rooms.

Press Release Summary:

Integrating sensor, sample pump, and flow meter, GEM-MRI is installed outside of MRI room with sample hose running from monitoring system to sampled environment. Unit operates from 24 Vdc/Vac with measurement range of 0-25.0% volume oxygen. In addition to LED digital display of real-time oxygen levels, 2 adjustable levels of oxygen alarms, and audible alarm with silence/acknowledge pushbutton, system includes 2 dry contact relays rated 5 A at 240 Vac SPDT and 4-20 mA analog output signal.

Original Press Release:

CETCI Launches GEM-MRI for MRI Rooms

Delta, B.C. - Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) officially launches the GEM-MRI self-contained oxygen (O2) monitoring system to their growing product line.

GEM-MRI was developed for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) room applications for hospitals and clinics. Electronic equipment does not operate well inside the MRI room due to the MRI magnet influence so these systems are designed to be installed outside of the MRI room with sample hose running from the monitoring system to the sampled environment. System power shall be 24 VDC or 24 VAC (nominal). The oxygen sensor, sample pump and flow meter shall be integral to the system. Measurement range is 0 - 25.0% volume oxygen.

Features include LED digital display of real time oxygen levels, two adjustable levels of oxygen alarms, audible alarm (80 dB @ 10') with silence / acknowledge push-button, two only dry contact relays rated 5 amps @ 240 VAC SPDT, and 4 - 20 mA analog output signal. The system is accurate enough to measure to government established exposure levels for oxygen deficiency for health and safety.

For more information on the GEM-MRI, please visit www.critical-environment.com/gem-mri.

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