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Oxygen Analyzer measures oxygen in package headspace.

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Oxygen Analyzer measures oxygen in package headspace.

Dec 12, 2008 - Offering manual and automatic sampling, benchtop PAC CHECK® Model 450 EC measures O2 concentration from 0-100% in package types ranging from small blisters to large pouches. Flo Smart(TM) sensing system knows when blockage has occurred in testing line and notifies operator. Utilizing ambient air and electronic controls, 1-button Cal-Smart(TM) feature performs 2-point calibration. Applications include nitrogen-flushed products such as case-ready meats, cheese, and snacks, plus certain pharmaceuticals.

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Mocon Introduces Easy-to-Use, Entry-Level Oxygen Analyzer for Package Headspace

Press release date: Dec 02, 2008

Minneapolis, MN (December 2, 2008) - MOCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO) unveils its new PAC CHECK® Model 450 EC benchtop oxygen (O2) headspace analyzer.

The performance-rich unit has been designed as a "first of its kind" cost-effective option for smaller companies and fledgling businesses in emerging global economies, who previously could not afford package headspace analysis.

The PAC CHECK Model 450 EC's simplified menu structure lets users go from "set-up to test" in less than a minute, making it extremely fast and easy to operate. It can measure an O2 concentration range from 0 to 100% in package types ranging from small blisters to large pouches.

"This analyzer is ideal for entry-level companies who are displacing residual oxygen in their packaging headspace with nitrogen gas flushing. The new unit provides a very fast and accurate way to determine exactly how much residual oxygen has been left in the package. It is important for packagers to make sure that oxygen levels are not degrading contents and negatively affecting shelf life," says Anthony Ahmed, product manager, MOCON.

The PAC CHECK Model 450EC allows both automatic and manual gas sampling. In the automatic mode, a septum is applied to the package via a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Next, a probe is inserted through the septum which creates a hermetic seal environment. A sample is drawn by pushing a button which actives a pump. Gas is drawn via a vacuum and passed through the septum to the instrument's sensor. Results are available in seconds.

A manual mode (which relies on a septum and a syringe) is available for small packages (such as blisters) with only a couple of cc's of headspace. (Gas collected via syringe is then inserted into the instrument via a port and measurement takes place.) The instrument also includes MOCON's Flo Smart(TM) technology and the brand new Cal-Smart(TM) calibration feature. Flo Smart(TM) is a sensing system which knows when blockage has occurred in the testing line. It notifies the operator so that faulty readings can be prevented.

Cal-Smart(TM) is a new, patent pending, one-button instrument calibration feature. The benefit is that it uses ambient air and advanced electronic controls to perform a two point calibration vs. the commonly used room air method. Two point calibrations are fast and easy which improves the instruments accuracy and repeatability while significantly reducing time interval between more time consuming certified gas calibrations. The unit also has temperature and pressure compensation for test consistency.

The Model 450 EC is also the first offering in MOCON's new EC class of products, which are based on an advanced electrochemical sensor design. Another advantage is that the sensor can be replaced by plant personnel in less than 10 minutes without the additional cost of a service call or significant downtime. The EC class is part of MOCON's new PAC CHECK® Performance Series(TM).

Ideal applications include a broad variety of nitrogen-flushed products such as case-ready meats, cheese, prepared foods, snacks, etc. as well as certain pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the unit is suited for vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal OEM packaging equipment manufacturers who market modified atmosphere gas flushing capability , as well as gas inerting OEM equipment manufacturers and industrial gas companies.

"We've been able to design an ergonomic, performance-rich instrument for companies who previously could not afford oxygen headspace analysis. Its 'show and go' attributes enable a new user to be up and running with five minutes of training. Its simplicity and speed-of-use is very important in today's fast moving quality assurance environments," says Ahmed.

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