Oxlo Systems Expands Auto Dealer Software Application Integration Services into Canada

Top Canadian auto manufacturer to use Oxlo information technology to connect auto dealers.

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – Oxlo Systems Inc., the owner and operator of ODIN™, the Open Dealer Integration Network for the automotive industry, has been selected to provide auto dealer software application integration services for one of Canada's top auto manufacturers. Under the agreement, the auto manufacturer will leverage Oxlo's full suite of application integration products and services to rapidly enable and certify auto dealer service provider software access to front office and back office integration interfaces.

"We are pleased to be selected for this strategic initiative. Opening up integrations to the auto dealer software market is a true win-win for the auto manufacturer and franchise auto dealers," said Gene Brothers, CEO of Oxlo Systems. "The initiative goals, rollout timelines, required subject matter expertise and managed DCS technology needs are a perfect fit for Oxlo's ODIN™, patented SSI™ and Insight™ technologies," said Gene.

The full suite of application integration technologies and services represents a complete managed dealer communication system. Oxlo's patented Self Service Integration, SSI, will be leveraged to facilitate rapid auto dealer service provider integration development. Oxlo's Open Dealer Integration Network, ODIN™, a managed SaaS business process management and integration hub, will facilitate 24x7x365 data exchange between the auto manufacturer and auto dealers. Oxlo's Insight™ will provide real-time business process monitoring and analytics for the initiative.

This expansion of Oxlo's products and services into Canada represents the integration of a full suite of front office, back office and auto finance integrated business processes and allows an auto manufacturer to IntegrateOnce™ with Oxlo and reach many auto dealer service provider applications.

For more information about Oxlo Systems Auto Dealer Software Application Integration Solutions, visit the company's website at http://automotive.oxlo.com.

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OXLO Systems, Inc. owns and operates the Open Dealer Integration Network for the Automotive Industry and provides auto dealer software, auto manufacturer and auto lender application integration information technology solutions and services that transact automated business processes for over 2000 integrated customer endpoints across 8 countries worldwide.


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