Oxidation System kills bacteria in water for turf irrigation.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing combination of high-intensity UV light and Advanced Oxidation PHI Plasma consisting of friendly oxidizers, RGF Turf Guard kills 99% of bacteria and viruses, such as MRSA and Lysteria, in 350 gpm flow of water. This helps prevent problems facing sports complexes, such as development of bacterial infections in athletes stemming from MRSA and Lysteria from reclaimed water growing on turf.

Original Press Release:

RGF Announces a New Advanced Oxidation System for Artificial and Natural Turf Irrigation

West Palm Beach, FL -RGF Environmental Group, Inc. www.rgf.com announces the development of an Advanced Oxidation System for turf irrigation, the RGF Turf Guard that can kill bacteria and viruses such as MRSA and Lysteria in water. This system can help prevent the problems facing sports complexes around the world with the development of bacteria infections of athletes. MRSA and Lysteria bacteria growing on the turf from reclaimed water is the main culprit. Athletes who receive open sores or cuts are vulnerable to serious infections.

The RGF Turf Guard System provides for a safe playing field by utilizing RGF's proven PHI Technology, a combination of broad spectrum high intensity UV light combined with Advanced Oxidation PHI Plasma consisting of friendly oxidizers, such as hydroperoxides. Water flows through the low-energy system as the plasma is injected into the flow stream and is activated by the UV light. The system is designed to kill 99% of bacteria and viruses at a flow rate of 350 gpm.

RGF was established in 1985 with the mission to provide the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals. RGF manufactures over 500 environmental and energy saving products. RGF has over 1,000,000 PHI Cells operating in 33 countries.

For additional information on the RGF Turf Guard System, please contact Bill Svec on +1 561 848 1826 ext 108 or email bsvec@rgf.com. RGF Environmental Group, 3875 Fiscal Court, West Palm Beach, Florida 33404 USA Tel: (561)-848-1826 or (800) 842-7771; Fax (561) 848-9454 or visit our website at: www.rgf.com.

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