Oxidation Ovens have low power design.

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Available as optional feature on Oxidation Ovens, ACER Atmosphere Control, Energy Reduction Technology(TM) consists of 2 separate airflow systems that function simultaneously. In addition to minimizing heater power, option eliminates direct process chamber exhaust and provides controlled, balanced air in process chamber. ACER(TM) also optimizes operator safety through removal of fugitive emissions without requiring external hoods.

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Despatch Industries Oxidation Oven Achieves 25% Reduction in Heater Power with New ACER Technology(TM)

Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. - Despatch Industries, the leader in thermal process technologies for carbon fiber production, announces that the company has achieved up to 25% reduction in oxidation oven heater power through the use of its patent-pending Atmosphere Control, Energy Reduction (ACER) Technology(TM). The energy savings was realized during testing performed on a three meter wide, twelve pass oxidation zone without product.

"Through testing, we have confirmed the effectiveness of the ACER(TM) design and proven the capability of this technology to result in significant heater power savings and lessen overall oxidation oven energy use," states Steve Atkiss, CTO. "Reducing energy consumption and lowering energy costs in the fiber production process is an important issue for carbon fiber manufacturers. Our ACER Technology(TM) provides manufacturers with a solution to that issue while enhancing oxidation oven performance and improving overall fiber quality."

New patent-pending ACER Technology(TM) is an optional feature on Despatch oxidation ovens that consists of two separate airflow systems that function simultaneously. The process emission removal system captures emissions at the point of natural egress from the process chamber and transports them to abatement through an installed duct and exhaust system. The fresh air management system introduces pre-heated fresh air into the chamber at the location where the oven naturally draws air from outside the process chamber.

In addition to significantly reducing heater power, ACER Technology(TM) also eliminates direct process chamber exhaust and provides controlled, balanced air in the process chamber. ACER improves operator safety through the removal of fugitive emissions without requiring external hoods. Installing ACER on a Despatch oxidation oven increases the effective heated length in the process chamber, dramatically reduces tar contamination and improves fiber quality.

Despatch Industries is the expert in thermal process technology. For decades, carbon fiber manufacturers have utilized our world-leading oxidation technology to produce the highest quality and most uniform fiber. We offer the experience and knowledge to provide fully integrated lines for small and large tow. Recent Despatch advancements enable our global customers to achieve the lowest cost per kilogram of fiber produced.

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