Oxidation Formulation helps clean up environment.

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RegenOx(TM) provides in-situ remediation of recalcitrant soil and groundwater pollutants, such as industrial degreasers, explosives, and pesticides. Injected directly into soil using direct-push equipment, non-toxic formulation uses synergistic chemical processes aimed at rapidly attacking and destroying broad range of contaminants. Since RegenOx remains active for up to 1 month, it can remove large amounts of contamination and has no detrimental impact on groundwater.

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RegenOx(TM), New Environmental Cleanup Product from Regenesis, A Breakthrough in Chemical Oxidation Technology

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, June 6, 2005 - Regenesis today announced the official release of its latest environmental remediation product, RegenOx(tm), at the Eighth International Symposium on In Situ and Onsite Bioremediation in Baltimore. The company describes it as a breakthrough technology for in situ ("in-place") remediation of the most recalcitrant soil and groundwater pollutants, such as industrial degreasers, explosives and pesticides.

Sites contaminated with high to moderate levels of petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents and other widely used industrial and agricultural chemicals have historically been difficult and extremely costly to clean up. These contaminants can penetrate deep into soil and bedrock, where they create a long-lasting "plume" of contamination in soil and groundwater.

These contaminants can often be treated cost-effectively using in-situ oxidation. However, existing chemical oxidation methods such as potassium permanganate and Fenton's reagent (a combination of hydrogen peroxide and a powerful iron-based catalyst) have been too short-lived and/or too dangerous for general use and may require specialized training, application and equipment.

RegenOx is a safe, nontoxic formulation specifically designed to avoid these problems. Injected directly into soil using standard, widely available, direct-push equipment, it uses several synergistic chemical processes aimed at rapidly attacking and destroying a broad range of contaminants. Because RegenOx remains active for periods up to a month, it can effectively remove large amounts of contamination.

Unlike other chemical oxidation technologies, RegenOx has no detrimental impacts on groundwater, and in many cases, once the source contamination has been eliminated, the remaining contamination plume can then be treated using well-proven, low-cost accelerated bioremediation technologies. For further information, contact Marketing Director Bryan Vigue at 949-366-8000, x122 or by email at BVigue@Regenesis.com.

About Regenesis
San Clemente, CA-based Regenesis has been revolutionizing the environmental industry since 1994 with innovative accelerated bioremediation technologies which drastically cut the cost of restoring contaminated soils and water, beginning with Oxygen Release Compound (ORC[tm) and Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC[tm), which have been used to successfully remediate more than 12,000 sites worldwide. These and other Regenesis products, including HRC-X(tm), for long-term treatment of residual source areas and DNAPLs, MRC(tm), for removal of dissolved metals in groundwater and Bio-Dechlor INOCULUM(tm), a bioaugmentation culture, have made Regenesis the world leader in advanced technologies for groundwater resources.

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