Owens Design Collaborates with Leading Nanoimprint Provider to Deliver Advanced, Production-Ready Lithography Tool

FREMONT, Calif. - Owens Design Inc. today announced the completion of a collaborative tool development effort with a leading innovator in the field of nanoimprint technology. The two companies worked closely together to develop and manufacture a production-ready advanced nanoimprint lithography tool that has the ability to process a variety of wafer and substrates sizes. By working with Owens Design, this nanoimprint technology leader was able to cost effectively bring its next-generation technology to market quickly and at a lower risk.

Owens Design is an equipment design and manufacturing service company that offers capital equipment manufacturers a proven methodology to reduce overall tool development costs, minimize time to market, and reduce overall technical risk. This collaborative technique for tool design and build allowed Owens Design's nanoimprint development partner to focus its internal design efforts on its own core technology. In turn, Owens Design focused on integrating this new core technology into a system level platform that had been optimized to meet the equipment manufacturer's performance and cost specifications.

"One of the keys to maintaining technology leadership, for an equipment OEM, is the ability to quickly deliver their technology to the market in a fab-ready tool," said John Apgar, Owens Design's president. "Collaborating with Owens Design enables our partners to focus on their core technology development, while we focus on the system-level issues dealing with automation, control and software that must be resolved to deliver a truly production-worthy platform. Working with Owens Design, enabled this provider of advanced nanoimprint technology to minimize the overall risks involved in tool development, while also significantly speeding its time to market."

About Owens Design

Owens Design specializes in engineering and manufacturing of capital equipment. Located in Silicon Valley for over 25 years, they have been a strategic partner in the co-creation and manufacturing process for many leading OEM capital equipment companies. Owens Design engineers and manufactures customer's products from concept, through alpha, beta, pilot and on-going production. Their development process results in a rapid design cycle and concurrent manufacturing introduction. Owens Design has been an innovative and reliable partner for equipment companies in the semiconductor, solar and related industries.

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