Overhead Carton Delivery System Improves Food Safety and Productivity

New food safety regulations are putting pressure on produce packers to keep packing material off of the floor area.

Peach packing operations in Niagara, Ontario Canada addressed this issue by installing a PACLINE empty carton handling conveyor in their packing facility.

The PAC-LINE is an overhead conveyor system that is so versatile that is can be easily installed over and around virtually any existing equipment.

The PAC-LINE conveyor features a universal chain inside an enclosed tubular track, the track sections are pre-fabricated and modular in design.

One of the key benefits for these peach packing facilities was the ability of the PAC-LINE conveyor track to handle a steep elevation changes and tight curves. The conveyor system was precisely designed to take empty cartons from the carton forming area and to go up over and around the existing sorting equipment and then back down to a level convenient to the peach packing operators on the floor.

This overhead conveyor system allowed the floor to be clear and uncluttered of cartons and packing material, adhering to the highest standards of food and operator safety. Also, custom carriers were designed in each facility so that multiple cartons in various specific sizes could be conveniently accessible at all times. Having the cartons delivered directly to the packers on the line saved considerable time in the packing process.

Another benefit of the PAC-LINE conveyor system for fruit packing operations, is the ease of which the system can be modified. The modular design of the track means that changes or extensions to the conveyor system can be done quickly and simply.

Visit the Pacline website to learn more about automated carton delivery systems for fruit and produce packing operations: www.pacline.com


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