Overcurrent Device protects telecom and DSL equipment.

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PolySwitch® TSM 600-250 surface-mount device interrupts ac faults, providing tandem resettable overcurrent circuit protection for telecommunications equipment. It has 2 matched, low-resistance PPTC components for balanced protection on tip-and-ring lines with minimal attenuation of data transmission. Device can be combined with SiBar® overvoltage devices for compliance with lightning and ac power fault protection requirements of Telcordia GR-1089 standard.

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New PolySwitch® TSM 600-250 Device Offers High-Density Overcurrent Protection for DSL and Telecom Network Equipment

MENLO PARK, CA-May 6, 2002- Tyco Electronics announces a new Raychem Circuit Protection PolySwitch® TSM600-250 overcurrent protection device for DSL and other telecommunications network equipment applications. The small-footprint, low-resistance, surface-mount device provides tandem resettable overcurrent circuit protection for use in high-density multi-port linecards and other telecommunications network equipment. The TSM600-250 device incorporates two matched, low-resistance PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) components into a single device yielding balanced protection on tip-and-ring lines with minimal attenuation of data transmission.

"By combining a single TSM600-250 device with SiBar® overvoltage devices, compliance with the lightning and AC power fault protection requirements of the Telcordia GR-1089 standard can be effected without additional components," said Rodrigo Rubiano, Telecommunications and Networking Market Manager for Tyco Electronics Power Components. "Compared to a typical SMT telecom fuse, the TSM600-250 device reacts at higher speeds and helps provide protection even under low-current fault conditions. In addition, the TSM600-250 device assists in coordination of the primary and secondary overvoltage protection components and reduces energy let-through without compromising lightning surge capability of network equipment."

The TSM600-250 device occupies half of the board space of two previous generation 600V PPTC devices and eliminates the risk of unmatched tip-and-ring line protection. In addition to interrupting AC power faults, the device is robust to Telcordia GR-1089 lightning and has a rated hold current of 250mA. The devices are tape and reel packaged for compatibility with high-volume assembly. For further information or technical assistance, call (800) 227-7040, or visit tycopowercomponents.comr.

Starting Price: Comparable to two SMT telecom fuses, starting at $0.80 in volumes of 100k

Availability: Samples available now

Delivery: Lead-time is 8 weeks ARO

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