Oven can be used with 3 overhead trolley conveyor rails.

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Natural gas fired, heavy duty walk-in oven, Model SWH-8218-G, features clear work chamber of 8 x 21 x 8 ft with max continuous temperature rating of 500°F. Bi-parting doors at both ends allow for flow-through operation and structural supports are included inside work chamber for installation of overhead trolley rail system. Oven is suitable for curing powder paints, wet paints, varnish and epoxy; aging; bonding; composite curing; and drying.

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SWH-8218-G - Heavy Duty Batch Oven Designed for Use with 3 Overhead Trolley Conveyor Rails

Wisconsin Oven Corporation's Natural Gas Fired, Heavy Duty, Walk-In Oven, a Model SWH-8218-G, can be used for a wide variety of projects. Some typical applications include: curing powder paints, wet paints, varnish and epoxy; aging; bonding; composite curing; drying; as well as many others. This model has a clear work chamber size of 8'0" wide x 21'0" long x 8'0" high, with overall dimensions of approximately 11'10" wide x 22'3" long x 13'10" high.

The SWH-8218-G has a maximum continuous temperature rating of 500° F. The oven body is fabricated with 4" thick tongue and groove panel assemblies. The interior sheet metal and ductwork feature aluminized sheet metal, which is a bonded finish, resistant to corrosion, flaking, peeling, etc.

This particular oven has bi-parting doors at both ends, to allow for a flow-through operation. Each set of doors is complete with ball bearing hinges, FM approved explosion relief latches, and three notches above the doors for installation of an overhead trolley rail system to help facilitate loading/unloading. For ease of conveyor rail installation, all necessary structural supports are included inside the work chamber.

This oven features combination airflow through the work chamber, where heated air is delivered through a fully adjustable duct located on each side of the work chamber, near the bottom. This ensures uniform heat distribution throughout the interior. For further flexibility, a fully adjustable return duct is supplied above the work chamber.

The instruments and controls are located in an oven-mounted NEMA 12 control enclosure, and includes a digital Honeywell UDC2300 temperature controller with auto-tune, a digital Barber-Colman 7SL high limit controller, our exclusive WATCH DOG® Oven Management System, and all other components as required to comply with NFPA 70, NFPA 86, NEC, FM & IRI.

This type of equipment is fully factory assembled, tested at maximum operating temperature, and quality assurance checked for proper operation.

In addition to this specific model, we have 70 standard sizes available in either gas or electric heat. A product bulletin for the SWH Series can be downloaded at http://wisoven.com/Batchovenheavyduty.htm.

Please contact Wisconsin Oven Corporation for all your heat processing equipment requirements. We invite you to contact us at (262)642-3938, or by email at sales@wisoven.com.

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