Outsourcing to a VMI [Vendor Managed Inventory Can Make You a Hero

Trying to manage the thousands upon thousands of high volume, class "c" components and materials your plant uses every day is a superhuman task. 

If all of those screws, bolts, clips and other fasteners aren't managed with precision and skill it can cost your company money. And cost you sleepless nights.

You've probably thought to yourself many times, "There's got to be a better way."  There is.

It is time you think about switching class "c" suppliers and consider vendor managed inventory or VMI.

What exactly is VMI? It's when you outsource the procurement, inventorying and delivery of those class-c components to a supply chain specialist. There are many to choose from. One that has drawn much interest lately is ASF Components.

When you hire a vendor managed inventory specialist, you will realize dramatic efficiencies. And look like a hero to the guys at the top of the totem pole.

For starters, you may think you're saving money by depending on leaner inventories of low cost parts. In reality, that is a risky proposition. A line that goes down because of a lack or shortage of parts quickly offsets months of your care and attention.

So instead, you may err on the side of caution and make sure you have more than enough class-c components in every warehouse, at every station, and in production at any given time.  Of course, that means demanding that your suppliers always have plenty of parts in the pipeline.

Unfortunately, that can mean large stockpiles of components that often go unused, can become obsolete, and eventually be discarded. Expensive and a waste of time.

Hiring a vendor managed inventory company will take the load off your shoulders. You'll no longer be spending a dollar to keep track of a dime.

Outsourcing to a VMI specialist such as ASF Components can also help you by:

Determining optimum/cost effective packaging combinations.

Exploring value packing of multiple components

Improving assembly and packaging speed and efficiency

Uncovering "green" packaging cost-saving options

Managing inventory by plant, work cell and individual bin

Identifying inactive/excess inventory to be repurposed

Reducing delivery times

Reducing in-plant inventory

Designing ergonomically correct workstations

Developing schematics showing where on the plant floor the components need to be

Ensuring on-time orders, shipments and payments

The improved technologies and process provided by a VMI organization will make it far easier for you to do heroic things — keep tight control of your class-c components and their associated costs, while making your plant more productive.

The next part is up to you. Sleep well tonight.

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