Outer Case Coders offer networking solutions.

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C-Series outer case coding systems consist of high-definition printers that produce real-time, variable data, multiple line text; online graphics; and bar codes on porous outer case cartons. Pigmented oil-based inks are used with high-definition models to ensure sharp contrast. Other models use water-based inks, and are capable of line speeds of up to 115 fpm, producing text from 0.39 in. to 2.67 in. high.

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Introducing a New Range of Outer Case Coding Solutions from Domino

Domino is strengthening its position in the outer case coding market by announcing the release of a new range of outer case coders designed for total reliability that also offers improved print quality, greater flexibility and significant cost savings to a broad spectrum of manufacturers.

The Domino C-Series outer case coding systems are suitable for everything from basic large character applications to sophisticated networking solutions.

At the top of the range is a high definition printer that can produce real-time, variable data, multiple line text, on-line graphics and all major bar codes onto porous outer case cartons. This technology also offers networking solutions for complete connectivity and greater control over printing, allowing centralized control of factory-wide coding integrated into the production process. Pigmented oil-based inks are used with the high definition model to ensure an exceptionally sharp contrast even on brown board.

Manufacturers seeking high quality but low cost printing are offered the C-Series valve jet printer, which uses water-based inks and is capable of line speeds of up to 115' (35 metres) per
minute, producing text from 0.39" (10mm) to 2.67" (68mm) high.

No matter which printer is chosen, manufacturers are guaranteed to receive a high quality outer case printer that also offers cost savings by printing directly onto cartons. There is no longer a need for labels and in-house stocks of pre-printed cases. Cartons are also easier to recycle after use.

Domino Outer Case Coding Product Manager, Mike Hurst, said: "The C-Series also enhances efficiency because it reduces box inventory and stock planning - all that is needed are blank
cases to code onto. The C-Series is also exceptionally reliable - using proven technology for minimun downtime and maxinmum productivity."

In addition, there is total flexibility with the C-Series, which has international language capabilities, a large memory storage for frequent product changes and interfaces for ancillary devices such as product detector, shaft encoders, PC links and other serial communications.

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