Outdoor Solar-Powered LED Luminaires have 100% off-grid design.

Press Release Summary:

Mounting up to 100 ft away from their solar-panel systems, SolarALF and SolarARF are above-ground sign and small-area floodlights. Concealed storage-battery assemblies automatically recharge to maintain 5-night minimum solar power reserve. While 12 x 1.5 x 3.5 in. SolarALF produces up to 10 W and delivers 905 lm in 6 x 5 ft beam, 4.5 x 9.6 x 6.7 in. SolarARF produces up to 52 W and delivers 4,692 lm in various beam distributions. Both luminaires are UL 1598-listed for wet locations.

Original Press Release:

SEPCO Introduces SolarALF and SolarARF Outdoor LED Luminaires: 100% Off-Grid Solar-Powered Sign, Billboard, Monument, Statue, and Smaller- Area LED Flood Lighting

New Product Introduction: Working in an arrangement with Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, SEPCO has customized Hubbell’s ALF and ARF luminaires by adding its solar power system to each, creating SolarALF and SolarARF LED Luminaires — 100% off-grid, self-generating, solar-powered above-ground sign and small-area flood lights. SolarALF and SolarARF provide long-term economy, low-maintenance and are solar-powered at all times with a minimum five-night reserve.

Product Design: SEPCO™, the Solar Electric Power Company, In-House Solar-Lighting Product Development, and Engineering Team.

Manufacturer: SEPCO™, founded 1994, is a U.S. entrepreneurial family-owned manufacturer exclusively of luminaires, solar lighting, and solar-power systems for “off grid” outdoor lighting.

Product Applications: SEPCO™ SolarALF and SolarARF LED Luminaires provide practical LED floodlighting for myriad applications. These include apartments, campuses, commercial, office buildings, retail, and schools to illuminate signs, façades, landscape accent, safety/security, flag poles, or columns in areas more costly for above- or under- ground electric-power feeds. Both ALF and ARF can mount up to 100-feet away from their solar-panel systems.

Product Description: Both SolarALF and SolarARF models comprise a low-profile, architectural-design that blends easily into any landscaped environment while providing crisp, white, ultra-long-lasting light precisely where needed.

ALF and ARF deliver high-quality, long-life visual performance. They exceed ordinary non-solar grid lighting in stand-alone cost- and maintenance saving, energy-saving solar systems. A single, ground-mounted pipe bracket holds each SolarALF or SolarARF unit securely. Other mounting options are available.

Compact low-profile solar-panel assemblies designed for SolarALF and SolarARF LED are programmed and tested by SEPCO™ in-house solarlighting engineers and application specialists. Both luminaire models automatically recharge their concealed storage-battery assemblies for minimum 5-night solar-power reserves.

Construction and Finishes:

• SolarALF LED housings and doors are low-copper extruded-aluminum that provides long life in outdoor ground-mounted applications. Its ribbed design creates a distinctive appearance while dissipating LED and driver heat, providing longer lamp life. A tempered and impact resistant glass lens seals to the housing with a silicone gasket. A Dark Bronze powder paint finish provides a durable and lasting appearance.

SolarALF LED units are 12-inches long by 1.5-inches wide by 3.5-inches high and contain high-power LEDs that produce up to 10 watts, and deliver 905 lumens. A 6-foot x 5-foot wide beam spread covers three times the setback distance with uniform light. SolarALF has a UL 1598 listing for use in wet locations.

• SolarARF LED housings and doors are rugged die-cast aluminum. Highimpact UV-stabilized acrylic outer lenses protect LEDs and allow for cleaning and debris removal. Vented housings isolate LED modules from drivers, maximizing product life, and performance. Visor and vandal lenses are available. SolarARF all-weather polyester powder-coating finishes are available in Black, Bronze, Forest Green, Gray, Platinum, Red or White.

SolarARF LED units are 4.5-inches deep by 9.6-inches wide by 6.7-inches high and comprise 20 high-power LEDs that produce up to 52 watts, and deliver 4,692 lumens with a variety of beam distributions for use in a wide range of lighting applications. SolarARF LED is IP65 rated, and UL 1598 listed for use in wet locations.

Solar-panel units for both models can mount separately on poles or walls. Every SEPCO model and wattage saves 100% of grid-based electrical energy; lower typical maintenance costs; lasts for decades; helps make grid brownouts or area power failures a thing of the past.

All units manufactured in the USA at SEPCO’s modern plant.

Contact Information: Literature, specifications, and pricing for SolarALF LED and SolarARF LED outdoor sign/small area lighting available from SEPCO™, Solar Electric Power Company, 1521 SE Palm Court, Stuart, Florida 34994. Telephone: (800) 974-9918 or (772) 220-6615. Fax: (772) 220-8616. Email: info@sepconet.com. Learn more about SEPCO™ from the World Wide Web at: http://www.sepco-solarlighting.com.

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