Otto Sets the Trend with Full Color Graphics on Carts

CHARLOTTE, NC — Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc. now offers multi-colored permanent branding technology for residential waste and recycling carts. Recently introduced by Otto, ColorFUSE™ graphics revolutionize cart markings. Where a hot stamp is limited to a single color, ColorFUSE™ branding allows multiple colors; perfect for customers who want to maintain their brand identity colors, or who seek to stand out in a white foil world.

ColorFUSE™ technology utilizes colored resin in place of standard foils or inks, creating a resin graphic. Through heat, pressure and dwell time, the ColorFUSE™ graphic is literally fused with the base/lid of the plastic cart, becoming part of the base/lid itself. The ColorFUSE™ graphic cannot be scratched off, peeled off or chemically removed; it is essentially tattooed or fused with the plastic. "ColorFUSE™ enables Otto to offer our customers more personalization. Customers with strong brand identities will now be able to maintain consistency across their product lines and customers who simply want to jump off the curb visually, can utilize the technology. The finished product looks stunning and we're looking forward to working with our customers on new and creative applications of ColorFUSE™," said Kathy Tudor, Otto Graphics Specialist.

There are several benefits of ColorFUSE™ cart branding technology in addition to allowing for any number or combination of colors. The ColorFUSE™ graphic is extremely durable because once the graphic is fused with the cart plastic, it IS the cart. Fine details appear sharp and crisp, providing aesthetic benefits. In addition, graphic sizing and color options can be tailored to fit budget requirements. "Our logo looks fantastic on our recent Otto ColorFUSE™ cart order! Not only do I love it, but my customers love it too," said Joe Pirri, Sales Manager at Patriot Disposal of Rhode Island.

About Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc. (OESNA):

Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc. (OESNA) is a manufacturer of waste containers for the residential  and  commercial  markets.  OESNA  also  has  a  container  service  division  that  provides residential waste container logistics, distribution, servicing and repairing, as well as a custom molding division that offers product design and manufacturing. OESNA is the US division of Otto Group BV, which  is  a  privately  held  European  based  company  specializing  in  waste  collection  products  and services. Otto containers are the most widely used brand of residential carts in the world. The Otto Group was founded in 1934 and has manufacturing locations across the globe.

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