OTC-Compliant Products cure and seal concrete.

Press Release Summary:

VOC-compliant in areas affected by Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) regulations, solvent-based A team products cannot freeze, will not settle out, and are not susceptible to bacteria growth. Products included in series are styrenated acrylic sealer; non-yellowing acrylic cure and seal; and high-gloss, non-yellowing sealer. Also included, Silencure-A offers long-term silane protection, while Crystal Clear-A delivers long-term gloss and protection.

Original Press Release:

ChemMasters Introduces the 'A' Team Family of Products

ChemMasters, Inc. located in Madison, Ohio has announced the introduction of The "A" Team Family of Products.

The Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) regulations reduced the allowable VOC for concrete curing & sealing compounds in many areas* to less than 350 grams per liter. This action eliminated all traditional solvent-based products from the market. Many feel that solvent-based products are better than their water-based counterparts because they provide superior gloss and penetrate better into the concrete. Solvent-based products can be used in a wider range of temperatures, cannot freeze, will not settle out, are not susceptible to bacteria growth and can be used in re-coat applications.

For these reasons, ChemMasters has created the "A" team.

These products are all solvent based, all VOC compliant in the areas affected by the OTC regulations and all meet the same high performance standards as their higher VOC counterparts.

Spray-Cure & Seal 25-A
Styrenated acrylic sealer that provides excellent curing for fresh concrete and superior sealer protection for older concrete.

Non yellowing acrylic cure & seal that develops excellent gloss and a tint system of twelve standard colors.

The same great properties as our standard Silencure including excellent curing efficiency and long-term silane protection even when applied to fresh concrete.

Crystal Clear-A
The same combination of ingredients as regular Crystal Clear to supply superior long-term gloss and protection for decorative concrete, but in a VOC exempt solvent.

Traz 25-A
High gloss, non-yellowing sealer for decorative, exposed aggregate and standard concrete.

*Areas affected by the OTC regulations include California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and portions of Virginia.

ChemMasters offers excellent, field-tested, cost-effective, water-based concrete sealers alternatives which are all VOC compliant including Safe-Cure & Seal 20, Polyseal WB and Spall-Guard WB 10.

300 Edwards Street, Madison, Ohio 44057-3112 o Phone: (440) 428-2105 o (800) 486-7866 o Fax: (440) 428-7091, www.chemmasters.net

Company Name: ChemMasters, Inc.
Address 1: 300 Edwards Street
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City: Madison
State: OH
Zip: 44057
Country: USA
Phone: 1-800-486-7866

Contact Name: Claudia Bentley
Title: Marketing Coordinator
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