OSSD Safety Sensors allow safe in-series wiring.

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With Eden OSSD Safety Sensors, multiple sensors can be wired in series to any standard safety relay without compromising safety. Electro-sensitive units operate as output signal-switching devices for Stop commands to prevent hazardous movements. Consisting of 2 separate devices – Adam for signal output and Eva for signal input – sensors are interlocking devices for gates, hatches, and doors. Units use no contacts, are neither magnetic nor mechanical, and use solid-state technology.

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Eden OSSD Safety Sensors Allow Safe In-Series Wiring of Multiple Sensors

New Product from ABB Jokab Safety Allows Wiring to Safety Relays, Controllers and PLCs

MEMPHIS, Tenn., – Eden OSSD safety sensors, new from ABB Jokab Safety Products, enable multiple sensors to be wired in series to any standard safety relay without compromising the level of safety.

The Eden OSSD safety sensor operates as an output signal-switching device (OSSD) for “stop” commands to prevent hazardous movements. OSSDs stop or interrupt machinery when entry or proximity is a hazard. They are electro-sensitive and typically respond to changes in an optical field on or near machinery.

Consisting of two separate devices – Adam, for signal output, and Eva, for signal input – the Eden OSSD safety sensor is an interlocking device for gates, hatches and doors. It communicates with OSSD signals and can be connected to any safety module that handles them.

“The Eden OSSD safety sensor is designed so that up to 30 sensors can be connected in series without reducing the achieved performance level,” Richard A. Gibson, product manager at ABB Jokab Safety Products, said. “By being available separately, it is possible to mix different models of the Adam and Eva units in the same safety circuit, providing flexibility in configuring multiple sensors for machine safety.”

The Eden OSSD safety sensor uses no contacts and is neither magnetic nor mechanical. It uses solid-state technology with no moving parts, which eliminates the cost and potential danger of using mechanically keyed interlock safety switches and non-contact magnetic safety switches.

The operation of Eden OSSD safety sensors maintains Performance Level (PL) e, Safety Category 4, in accordance with ISO/IEC 31010:2009 Risk Management – Risk Assessment Techniques.

The Adam OSSD unit is available in four models: Adam OSSD- Info M12-8, with information output and inputs for cascade connection; Adam OSSD-Reset M12-8, with built-in monitored reset, indication lamp output and inputs for cascade connection; Adam OSSD-Info M12-5, with information output; and Adam OSSD-Reset M12-5, with built-in monitored reset and indication lamp output.

The Eva unit is available in two models: Eva General Code, which are all coded alike, and Eva Unique Code, which all have a different and unique code.

The Eden OSSD safety sensor is IP69K rated and meets coding requirements pursuant to EN ISO 14119:2013 regarding manipulation protection.

Other features include a unique integrated reset function, which allows for each sensor to have its own independent and illuminated reset function. Eden OSSD safety sensors also feature a diagnostic LED for both the device and system status, which will direct the operator to the appropriate door without individually cycling and testing each door to diagnose common system faults.

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