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OSS Software helps remove barriers to cloud adoption.

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Jun 10, 2014 - With Operations Support Systems capabilities, Motive Dynamic Operations creates path for service providers to migrate to cloud and take advantage of virtualized networks offered by NFV and SDN technologies. Portfolio can dynamically identify and track all network resources; offers automated, programmable OSS that can fulfill orders and assure services; and features self-healing environment driven by big data network analytics that evolves from automated recovery to predictive management.

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Alcatel-Lucent Continues to Build Its Cloud Leadership by Launching New OSS Portfolio to Unlock the Potential of NFV and SDN for Service Providers

Press release date: Jun 03, 2014

Motive Dynamic Operations will deliver innovative new OSS approach to remove one of the last barriers slowing cloud adoption by next generation IP and virtualized networks

PARIS -- Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) is today announcing that it is to launch a new portfolio of OSS (operations support systems) capabilities within its Motive portfolio of customer experience solutions. The aim of the portfolio is to harness the benefits of cloud technologies to reduce costs and enhance services via a totally new approach to automating a service provider's operations.

The Motive Dynamic Operations portfolio creates a clear path for service providers to migrate to the cloud by making their operational infrastructure as agile as the virtualized network and data center. The portfolio innovates in three unique ways: a new foundation that can dynamically identify and track all network resources; fully automated, programmable OSS that can fulfill orders and assure services; and a 'self-healing' environment driven by big data network analytics that evolves from automated recovery to predictive management.   

Today's OSS environment is highly fragmented, manually intensive and costly to maintain, making it a substantial barrier to the dynamic delivery of cloud services., The Motive Dynamic Operations portfolio - to be launched later this year - will enable operators to realize the promise of virtualized networks offered by NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and SDN (Software Defined Networking) technologies.

OSS refers to the systems service providers use to manage their networks including service fulfillment to deliver new services and service assurance to keep the network running properly. While service providers are rapidly embracing innovations around IP networks, cloud technology and virtualized network functions, industry innovation in OSS has lagged.

Using Alcatel-Lucent's OSS technology to drive automated operations and recovery, Telefonica is a finalist for the industry's Operation Excellence Award at the TM Forum event this week in Nice, France. The award is presented to the service provider demonstrating the most innovative and effective use of TM Forum Frameworx to deliver tangible cost reduction, risk reduction and improved time-to-market. Alcatel-Lucent and Telefonica announced plansin 2012 to streamline the operator's OSS into a single, global software platform for greater network management agility and efficiency. In February, the two companies followed up with the announcement they were joining forces to accelerate Telefonica's move to NFV.

Andrew McDonald, Alcatel-Lucent, President, IP Platform Business Division: "It is imperative to fundamentally change the current OSS approach before operators will be able to realize the promise of NFV and SDN. After launching both an NFV platform in CloudBand, an SDN solution through Nuage Networks and a comprehensive virtualized packet core, IMS and wireless network functions, Alcatel-Lucent is now bringing innovation to the OSS space with the launch of Motive Dynamic Operation, which delivers the OSS agility required for operating networks in the cloud."

Alcatel-Lucent, an expanding player in innovative IP software solutions, has more than 300 OSS customers in 70 countries. Studies based on customer deployments show that unifying and automating OSS operations can result in a 30-50 percent reduction in time to market, a 50-70 percent reduction in time to service, and cost reductions of 25-50 percent. Thus, the new Motive portfolio will focus on the tighter integration and automation of service assurance and fulfillment functions. For the automation layer, Alcatel-Lucent will leverage the Motive Service Management Platform orchestration engine. Additionally, Motive's Big Network Analytics technology will be tapped to drive the automation of the identification and resolution of service and network issues.

Alcatel-Lucent Motive Dynamic Operations will work with existing vendor equipment so it can be implemented as an overlay, alongside, or to replace an operator's current OSS systems in support their transition to a cloud environment. To help operators fast track cloud development, integration with Alcatel-Lucent's CloudBand(TM) NFV solution, Nuage Networks'(TM) SDN solution, and virtualized network functions, including evolved packet core (EPC), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and radio access network (RAN), is ongoing and will enrich the solution over time. 

About Alcatel-Lucent Motive Customer Experience Solutions
Motive is an industry leader in customer experience management solutions optimizing the operator's network and providing a real-time, unified network analytics to deliver enhanced, highly relevant customer experiences and differentiated services. With over 260 global customers, Motive solutions addressing customer care, network analytics and OSS have helped service providers save more than $1 billion. Its portfolio enables operators to deliver a great ultra broadband experience to their subscribers, across devices, services, data plans and the network, within a multivendor and cloud environment.

We are at the forefront of global communications, providing products and innovations in IP and cloud networking, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access to service providers and their customers, and to enterprises and institutions throughout the world. Underpinning us in driving the industrial transformation from voice telephony to high-speed digital delivery of data, video and information is Bell Labs, an integral part of the Group and one of the world's foremost technology research institutes, responsible for countless breakthroughs that have shaped the networking and communications industry. Our innovations have resulted in our Group being recognized by Thomson Reuters as a Top 100 Global Innovator, as well as being named by MIT Technology Review as amongst 2012's Top 50 "World's Most Innovative Companies". We have also been recognized for innovation in sustainability, being named Industry Group Leader in the Technology Hardware & Equipment sector in the 2013 Dow Jones Sustainability Indices review, for making global communications more sustainable, affordable and accessible, all in pursuit of the Group's mission to realize the potential of a connected world.

With revenues of Euro 14.4 billion in 2013, Alcatel-Lucent is listed on the Paris and New York stock exchanges (Euronext and NYSE: ALU). The company is incorporated in France and headquartered in Paris.

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