OSID by Xtralis Scores Its Third Accolade in 2011 - ASIS Industry's Most Innovative Product Award

Xtralis proves itself again as the foremost industry innovator with its eleventh victory within the life safety and security space

Norwell, MA - Xtralis, a leading provider of early warning fire detection and security solutions worldwide, announced today it was named the recipient of the top product award in the 2011 ASIS Accolade competition for its revolutionary new Open-Area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) product. Xtralis has shipped and installed over 400,000 of our Early Detection products in most mission-critical locations, protecting lives and valuable assets in over 100 countries world-wide for the past 25 years. OSID revolutionary solution has been installed, tested and proven in such challenging environments as metro tunnels and stations, bus depots, manufacturing facilities and warehouses throughout the world. The award is the latest in a string of accolades afforded Xtralis worldwide and the fifth one for the OSID since its launch in 2010 and third for this year alone. OSID is the only life safety smoke detection product to receive three esteemed accolades in 2011.

ASIS Accolades are associated with the ASIS Exhibition, which is a comprehensive global event focused on successful security. It draws an audience of nearly 20,000 top professionals from the private sector, military, federal and state governments, and corporate decision-makers with enterprise-wide security on their minds. ASIS Accolades are prominent awards recognizing innovative security solutions; over seventy products competed this year for the 2011 ASIS accolades, and a panel of judges selected ten of them as winners. Judges representing end-users and experts in security and safety technologies selected ten winners of the 2011 ASIS Accolades. The winners represent what the judges have determined to be the most innovative security and safety solutions.

Judges were impressed by the product's unique characteristics making it superbly tolerant to building movement, steam, insects, dust and solid object intrusions. Product innovations overcome limitations of traditional optical beam detection solutions often used in open spaces where standard smoke sensitivity, code-compliant detection is required. The patented combination of dual wavelength Emitters, a CMOS Imager, advanced detection algorithms and 3D coverage, delivers unrivalled reliability, high immunity to false alarms, and intuitive, low cost installation and alignment. OSID installation and alignment can be 50%-75% less than existing products. On top, OSID provides more than 50% increase in sensitivity over that of traditional beam detectors.

"OSID surpasses the expectations end-users and system integrators seek out when selecting an Xtralis product. The OSID innovation provides an advanced detection solution offering significant revenue to our customers and proven value to end-users and installers coupled with lower total ownership cost and unparalleled performance", says Ian Ehrenberg, Senior Vice President of Sales and General Manager - Americas for Xtralis.

Xtralis reinforces its strong position as the global innovator in security and life safety technologies. The company is continuing to surpass the expectations of values and this prestigious award reaffirms the company's commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in smoke detection and security solutions. Xtralis' winning innovations have been recognized globally for their ability to solve real problems and dramatically enhance life safety and valuable asset protection, while delivering major economical advantages and opportunities.

About Xtralis

Xtralis is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early detection of fire, gas and security threats. Our technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. We protect high-value and irreplaceable assets belonging to the world's top governments and businesses.

Our solutions include VESDA by Xtralis - the world's No.1 brand of very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems, VESDA ECO by Xtralis(TM) - ASD plus gas detection and environmental monitoring, ICAM(TM) by Xtralis - flexible aspirating smoke detection, ICAM ECO by Xtralis - ASD plus gas detection and environmental monitoring, OSID by Xtralis - smoke detection for open areas, ADPRO® by Xtralis - perimeter, multi-site and enterprise security, and ASIM(TM) by Xtralis - traffic detection. To learn more, please visit us at www.xtralis.com.

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