Oscilloscopes feature PC connectivity.

Press Release Summary:

Infiniium 54830B, 54831B and 54832B oscilloscopes feature MegaZoom deep-memory technology and have range of 600 MHz to 1 GHz. Acquisition memory depths up to 8 Mpts per channel and sampling rates up to 4 Gs/s eliminate frustrations of slow responsiveness and manual setups. Units include Motorola motherboard and 866 MHz Pentium III technology with 256 MB RAM. Windows 98-based graphical user interface provides intuitive access to features.

Original Press Release:

Agilent Technologies' New Infiniium Mid-range Oscilloscopes Speed R&D with Instant-response MegaZoom Deep-memory Technology

Affordable, Easy-to-use, High-performance Scopes Eliminate Sample Rate Tradeoffs, Manual Setups, and Data-search Delays

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 2, 2002 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced three 600 MHz to 1 GHz mid-range, feature-rich Infiniium MegaZoom deep-memory oscilloscopes designed to accelerate R&D in the communications, defense and semiconductor industries.

Agilent's proprietary, deep-memory MegaZoom technology, with
acquisition memory depths up to 8 Mpts per channel and sampling rates up to 4 GS/s, eliminates the frustrations of slow responsiveness and manual setups that have traditionally plagued users of deep-memory oscilloscopes.

R&D engineers who use Agilent's new Infiniium 54830B, 54831B and 54832B oscilloscopes to capture long serial data waveforms can receive instant responses, even with the deepest memory, and quickly zoom in and search through data with no annoying delays. Users can also avoid time-consuming manual setups thanks to an efficient memory management system that never misses an event or under-samples a waveform. The MegaZoom - equipped scopes offer the deepest memory and best value on the market today, with 2 Mpts of deep memory per channel on two- and four-channel
standard models. The scopes can be affordably enhanced with optional memory up to 16 Mpts.

"MegaZoom was one of the primary reasons why the U.S. Army selected the Infiniium 54831B oscilloscope as its sole scope of choice for maintenance and calibration of its weapon systems worldwide," said Alois Hauk, vice president of Agilent's Design Validation Unit. "The 54831-series met all the key performance specifications the Army required when compared to other test and measurement instrument vendors, and was chosen based on competitive pricing.",

The new Infiniium scopes' performance has been enhanced with a Motorola motherboard and 866 MHz PentiumO III processor with 256 MB RAM. When combined with MegaZoom technology, this enhancement ensures fast response, even with deep memory. Also, users will no longer experience frustrating delays when changing scope settings or waiting for screen updates. A CD-ROM drive on the back panel facilitates software upgrades.

The three new Infiniium scopes have uncluttered and familiar analog-like front panels that enable users to navigate easily through the controls, set up the scopes quickly and begin working within minutes.The instruments' WindowsO '98-based graphical user interface (GUI) is similar to a PC interface, and provides easy, intuitive access to advanced features.

PC connectivity is another hallmark of the new Infiniium scopes'
architecture, which supports the ports and devices generally associated with any PC, as well as remote connectivity, file-sharing capabilities and peripheral support. Engineers can use their PCs to benefit from:

- Web-enabled remote operation, which allows up to three users to
simultaneously view and control scope displays, design and debug,
and collect and document data from any location worldwide.
Engineers can write reports from their desks, control their scopes while traveling, and design and troubleshoot with
distributed teams from any Java6 enabled Web browser, without
special software.

- E-mail on trigger, which automatically sends an e-mail with a
screenshot attachment when an elusive trigger occurs. This
feature is especially attractive when users are out of the office. For example, the scope can send an e-mail to a mobile
phone, and engineers can then access and control the scope from
any PC with a Java-enabled Web browser.

- Simplified file and printer sharing using a standard 10/l00Base-T local area network (LAN) card.

- GPIB commands, which can be sent to the Infiniium over the LAN
interface, eliminating GPIB hardware requirements and allowing
remote control and data access.

The feature richness of Agilent 54800B oscilloscopes also extends to various application options, which include:

- The E5850A time-correlation fixture, which enables time-
correlated measurements between Infiniium 54800 scopes and Agilent's powerful 16700 logic analyzers. Users can cross-trigger
each device from the other, automatically time-correlate markers
on one instrument by manually adjusting the markers on the other,
and import time -correlated scope waveforms to the logic analyzer.

- Small, low-mass active probes ranging from 1.5 GHz to 4 GHz, and a low-cost, two-channel, 750 MHz probe. These probes all come
with small tips for easy handling and probing in tight spaces, and provide a high dynamic range.

- Differential probes ranging from 200 MHz to 1 GHz.

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