Oscillating Shear Dies from Sesco Products Group

Sterling Heights, MI - Sesco Products Group's (SPG) near net shape adjustable shear tools increase the efficiency of blanking tool cost; increasing production rates; optimizing productivity; and reducing operator workload.

SPG's programmable oscillating shear dies and dual blade trap shear dies are both designed to convert a conventional blanking line to a trap shear line. The programmable oscillating shear dies are equipped with a single pivoting square cut shear which oscillates on the fly with each press stroke to produce both rectangular and trapezoidal blanks. The dual blade trap shear dies also produce rectangular and trapezoidal blanks, but by utilizing two pivoting sub-dies.

SPG's adjustable chevron shear dies use connected sub-dies to form flat and pointed chevron-shaped blanks. The sub-dies can be rotated in just a few minuets. This tool's flexibility allows it to be set for various part pitches at any coil width.
The three-out blank shuttle tool is ideal for low-volume jobs requiring round or profile-nested blanks. It can punch out a variety of blank diameters with just one insert. Variable gauge shear tools can be adjusted to cut an array of metal thickness. Clearance between the upper and lower trim sheets is controlled by wedge and screw arrangements. SPG's bow-tie shears increase efficiency by shearing from both edges toward the center, as opposed to a single rake angle shearing from one edge only.

About Sesco Products Group

Sesco Products Group, part of the Coe Press Equipment Corporation, is headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and is a leading producer of pressroom feed equipment including servo roll feeds, power straighteners, coil reels and cradles, cut-to-length systems and complete coil processing systems. For more information, contact Jim Ward at Sesco Products Group, 40549 Brentwood, Sterling Heights, MI 48310. Phone (586) 979-4400, Fax (586) 979-2970. Or, visit their website at www.cpec.com.

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