Oscillating Mount integrates into existing screen systems.

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ROSTA AB-HD 50 features compact design engineered for heavy free-oscillating screens and shaker conveyors. Eliminating need for side-snubbers, during shutdown, 16 rubber inserts in system absorb remaining energy of screen box. Mounts require no maintenance and eliminate need for variety of components.

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Lovejoy® to Debut New Line of Oscillating Mounts

The best cost/load relation of any system on the market.

Downers Grove, IL-January 18, 2008-Lovejoy's ROSTA® division will introduce an extension of the established ROSTA AB oscillating screen mount family by adding an even more sustainable oscillating mount with broader appeal.

Start-up and shutdown are typically the most critical periods in the life of any shaker screen, and its drives. Until the screen adjusts to the required working force, excessive oscillations or resonance motions cause unnecessary wear and stress on surrounding structures. This poses a safety concern, and can raise decibel levels above noise regulations.

The new, ROSTA AB-HD 50 oscillating mount improves on the rugged characteristics of a heavy-duty mount, making it the best value per pound of capacity on the market.

Advantages of the ROSTA AB-HD 50 include:

o Controlled performance during shutdown: The ROSTA AB oscillating mounts eliminate the need for side-snubbers. During shutdown and within seconds, the 16 rubber inserts in the ROSTA system absorb the remaining energy of the screen box. The energy-absorbing behavior of the AB mounts during shutdown eliminates the need for an expensive drive system with electro-magnetic brake systems as well as the need for transportation clamps on mobile screening plants.
o Configuration: The new ROSTA AB-HD oscillating mount with its compact design is engineered for heavy free-oscillating screens and shaker conveyors. This component's compact design fits into tight spaces and is ideal for integration into existing screen systems as an easy replacement for coils or marsh mellows.
o Economical: The ROSTA AB-HD oscillating mount, in eliminating the need for auxiliary parts such as side-snubbers and arresters, has the best cost/load relation of any system on the market. The overall operational design is simplified and reduces parts inventory. Additionally, the ROSTA AB-HD 50 oscillating mounts are designed to last, and require absolutely no maintenance.

Lovejoy ROSTA offers a complete line of multi-purpose elastomeric elements that can solve most types of tensioning, suspension, and vibration absorption problems in all fields of mechanical engineering.

ROSTA products are based on the ROSTA Principle: four elastomeric elements are inside the base of every tensioner, suspension unit, oscillating unit, and anti-vibration damper. The elements transmit the oscillations of a system, while simultaneously dampening vibration, shock, and noise.

To learn more about Lovejoy's complete line of ROSTA components and how they can benefit your application, visit their website at www.lovejoy-inc.com, email inquiries to info@lovejoy-inc.com or call the corporate office at 630-852-0500.

Lovejoy, Inc. is certified under the ISO-9001:2000 International Standards for Quality Management. Lovejoy, Inc., World Headquarters offices are at 2655 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515, USA.

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