os3500 Optical Strain Sensor meets IP67 rating.

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Offered in smaller package size, os3500 Optical Strain Sensor makes accurate EMI immune measurements. Designed for working in rigorous environments, os3500 sensor comes with IP67-rating for long-term strain measurements. Providing low resistance connection between end brackets, sensors are available in 0.25 or 1.0 meter gage length and uses Fiber Bragg Grating sensor technology for operation.

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Micron Optics Optical Strain Gage Offerings Continue to Grow

Micron Optics, Inc., the leading provider of innovative equipment for fiber optic sensing, today announces the new os3500 Optical Strain Sensor. This new rugged, optical strain sensor represents the latest in Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor technology and is optimized exclusively for embedded applications.

The os360, released in 2004, was the first in Micron Optics' family of long-gage, steel reinforced optical strain sensors. It revolutionized fiber packaging and FBG anchoring technology at a time when most fiber optic sensors were very basic, even crude.

The os360 was replaced in 2008 by the even more rugged, waterproof os3600 optical strain gage. The os3600 continues to be very popular and is active in hundreds of locations around the world measuring strain in bridges, tunnels, mines, and geo structures. Its 0.25 or 1.0 meter gage length is particularly useful for strain measurement in nonhomogeneous materials, such as concrete.

While the os3600 meets many customer's needs, a smaller package size and more ruggedized cabling expands the breadth of applications that the sensor can be utilized in to make accurate EMI immune measurements in embedded applications. Moreover, the IP67-rated os3500 sensor has steel tubes which seal out the environment and provide a very low resistance connection between end brackets. The result is a stable, accurate, temperature-compensated sensor for long-term strain measurements.

Throughout the past decade, Micron Optics' thorough testing procedures have continued to evolve. Now, each sensor design is not only tested in harsh, controlled laboratory conditions (e.g., extreme temperature variations in high humidity throughout a +/-2,000ue strain range over 100 million cycles), but also in outdoor test beds where conditions mimic the day-to-day and season-to-season environmental changes seen in real optical sensing applications. This new, rigorously-tested sensor will help users reach a whole new range of challenging applications.

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