Orthopedic Device Manufacturer Needed Custom Basket Built to Order

A leading orthopedic device company required a specialized basket to cleanse small parts. Cost and turnaround time for the custom baskets were key factors. The design function was perhaps even more crucial.

The company told basket maker Marlin Steel Wire Products of Baltimore (www.MarlinWire.com ) that it required a basket that could hold 20 pounds of small palm-shaped parts. It proposed angled insert dividers that would enable water to drain off the parts after washing. A handled lid with no hinge was necessary so that the lid could fit inside the basket and rest on top of the parts to hold them in place. The baskets also had to be made of stainless steel and coated with nylon to withstand 30-minute washings in soap and water at 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The customer received eight of the baskets, built to order, before its holiday recess. Its note to Marlin afterward indicated it was very pleased with the result.

"Received the baskets before shutdown, just got the dividers this morning. Everything looks great!" the letter said. "Thanks for all of your help. Happy New Year!"

About Marlin Steel Wire Products

Founded in 1968, Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC ("Marlin") is a USA-based (and owned) wire basket and wire form manufacturer. Shipping to more than 23 countries, Marlin is focused on fabricating high-quality and highly engineered parts fast, and its approach is succeeding. Quadrupling in sales in less than 10 years, the company is growing in spite of the recession.  

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