Orival's Filtration Systems Eliminate Particles and Installation Work

Not just a leading automatic self-cleaning filter manufacturer, Orival, Inc. fabricates complete manifolds for multiple water filtration systems to ensure protection of heat exchangers, spray nozzles, pump seals, air compressors, I.E. and R.O. units, and other instrumentation to suit a wide variety of industry, wastewater and irrigation applications. Each manifold is designed to meet the specific requirements of the project. Manifolds can be equipped with flanged, welded or Victaulic ends in any size required. Manifolds are designed to fit the space available. Each is normally coated inside and out with the same tough coating used on Orival filter housings but can be coated to meet customer specifications or made entirely of stainless steel. Filters are mounted on the manifold and the entire system undergoes a hydraulic pressure test to 1½ times design pressure to assure the system is leak free. Visit www.orival.com or call (800) 567-9767 or (201) 568-3311.

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