Orion Weather Stations Support Satellite Tracking for Universal Space Network

Universal Space Network, Inc. (USN) provides ground network services that support telemetry, tracking and control, and data downlink operations for satellites and launch systems. USN uses Orion LX Weather Stations at their operation sites in Hawaii, Alaska, and Australia.

"We use the weather station at our satellite tracking stations to monitor wind speed, barometric pressure and precipitation," says Don Gittle, Ground Systems Manager. "If wind speed is too high, it could affect the tracking performance of our large dish antennas. This helps us protect satellite data. The other parameters help with determining the atmospheric conditions that are useful for correcting very accurate tracking data supplied to our customer." 

USN is a subsidiary of the SSC Group, a comprehensive space contractor active in many fields of space technology and services from the development of novel space subsystems to launch, tests and operations.

Columbia Weather Systems manufactures professional weather stations in the United States for industry and government applications worldwide.

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