Oriental Motor Now Offers Encoder Options for All Angles of Stepping Motors

First time offering from Oriental Motor provides customers purchasing stepping motors with more options than ever before.

Torrance, CA - Oriental Motor is pleased to announce that encoder options are now available for their 0.36º and 0.72º stepping motors. With the addition of the encoder option to 0.36º and 0.72º stepping motors, Oriental Motor's entire range of stepping motors (including 0.9º and 1.8º stepping motors) now has the option for an encoder. Additionally, the stepping motors are available as a stepping motor only or as a stepping motor and driver package.

The new stepping motor encoder options for 0.36º and 0.72º motors are:

o 500 or 1000 pulses/rev

o 2 or 3 channel

o TTL or Differential (line driver type)

For 0.36º and 0.72º stepping motor and driver packages, Oriental Motor has introduced the CRK stepping motor and driver package. The CRK stepping motor and driver package highlights include:

o Pulse input 24 volt driver

- 500 or 1000 pulses/rev

- 2 or 3-channel TTL type encoders

o Built-in controller type

- 500 or 1000 pulses/rev

- 3-channel differential line driver type encoders

Oriental Motor's ever-expanding offering of stepping motor products offer a wide selection of stepping motors to meet the needs of applications requiring open loop or closed loop operation and geared or non-geared options. Visit our website to see our complete line of stepping motor products with and without encoders at http://orientalmotor.com/products/ac-dc-step-motors/index.html


Since its founding in Japan in 1885, Oriental Motor has been a world leader in motion systems. For over a century we have concentrated on technological advancement and product design improvement-an emphasis evident in the sophisticated devices we market today. Oriental Motor's sales and service network is international, with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Domestically, ORIENTAL MOTOR U.S.A. CORP. was established in 1978.

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