Oriental Motor Announceds Price Reduction on NX Series Servo Motor "Round Shaft Packages"


Price Reduction on Our Tuning Free NX Round Shaft Servo Packages

Oriental Motor is pleased to introduce a 21% price reduction on all NX Series Round Shaft Servo Motor Packages. The tuning-free servo motor and driver package in the NX Series are easy to operate and allows for smooth operation with large inertial loads and belt mechanism.

Each package features a high performance servo system capable of high accuracy control. Smooth operation can be achieved in high inertia loads or belt drive applications without manual tuning and stable operation can be achieved in high inertia drive and belt mechanism drive applications without adjustment.

The NX Series can operate in 4 control modes, including speed control, torque control, tension control and positional control. The functions of each control mode can be extended with the use of a separately sold control module (OPX-2A) or data setting software (MEXE02).

The reduced price NX Series Round Shaft Servo packages is available with metric shafts, ranging from 42 mm (1.65 in.) to 85 mm (2.36 in.) with output powers of 50 W (1/15 HP) up to 750 W (1 HP). Free 3 meter (9.8 ft.) cable is included with all NX Series Servo packages.

The NX Series’ key features are:

• Tuning-Free

• Easy Operation

• Easy Setting and Easy Monitoring

• 4 Control Modes

• High Performance Geared Motors

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