Orefield Cold Storage Gains Visibility and Productivity Improvements with RedPrairie Warehouse Management (WMS)

November 4, 2008

Leading 3PL provider now offers top-level supply chain capabilities to its climate-controlled customers, including Dannon

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - RedPrairie Corporation, a world leading consumer driven optimization company, announced that Orefield Cold Storage (OCS Logistics) has improved its distribution operations with RedPrairie Warehouse Management. OCS Logistics implemented the solution to gain necessary capabilities to meet the needs of its demanding logistics service customers. OCS installed the RedPrairie solution initially for its customer Dannon, and has since rolled the solution out to all of its customers.

OCS needed a solution to meet visibility and compliance requirements for Dannon's dairy products. The RedPrairie solution replaced a paper-based system that could not provide real-time data into inventory. Dannon's temperature-controlled goods have a short shelf life and product freshness is very important to the company. With the RedPrairie solution, Dannon has real-time visibility into inventory status - including inbound receipts and outbound shipments. This ensures that the freshest product is shipped to retailers and into the hands of consumers.

"The implementation with Dannon was a home run. Plus, with the flexibility of the RedPrairie system, we have built a platform that is stable and configurable. Databases are easy to manage, and we have pre-set rules built on best practices that make configuring a new customer an easy task," said John Hickey, Administration Manager, OCS Logistics.

"We bought RedPrairie because it's the Ferrari of supply chain software. It gives us the capabilities we need today in addition to the technology we need for future customers," said Carlos Navarro, Executive VP Operations, OCS Logistics.

About OCS Logistics

Founded in 1989, OCS Logistics provides climate controlled and dry product handling throughout the United States. LTL and FTL transportation services securely and efficiently move product across the nation. Additionally, the company offers a dedicated fleet to handle store door deliveries. OCS Logistics' sister company, OCS Transport, features a company-owned fleet of 50 tractors and 100 climate-controlled trailers.

About RedPrairie Corporation

RedPrairie is a world leading consumer driven optimization company. Built on an advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) developed over the past 15 years, the RedPrairie integrated suite of solutions offers on-demand capabilities to over 32,000 sites worldwide for many of the world's largest companies.

RedPrairie's E2e(TM) solutions synchronize people and products throughout the customer buying cycle to ensure goods reach the right place at the right time. At the point of sale, this means consumers have access to desired products and that the store is staffed with the right people to help them make their purchases. In the production cycle, it means suppliers and manufacturers time and synchronize shipments and production based on demand signals from the retailer. And in the back room of the store, it means having the least amount of inventory, solving the "last yard" problem of the retail supply chain.

With 20 global service sites and standard service methods that have been validated over the last 30 years, RedPrairie provides unparalleled service and support.

For additional information, call 1.877.733.7724, or access www.RedPrairie.com.

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