Orbitform Offers Hot Upset Riveting

Orbitform Group now offers another forming and fastening solution þu Hot Upset Riveting. Hot Upset Riveting is a process of combining electrical current with pressure and time to compress and expand the forming material or rivet to a desired diameter and shape.

Orbitform's Hot Upset Riveting provides product manufacturers with another quality process for permanent part assembly. Hot Upset Riveting complements Orbitform's orbital forming, spiral forming, roller forming, impact riveting, robotic MIG welding, and resistance welding processes and products.

Orbitform's Hot Upset Riveting process begins where its cold riveting counterpart ends. Great applications include the assembly of hardened materials such as automotive door strikers, ball studs, and products designed to resist high torque. Although application specific, the Hot Upset Riveting process has proven successful in steel mortise joints with unusual geometry, to obtain hole fill in excess of 98 percent.

"Our development team made Hot Upset Riveting a natural extension of our fastening solutions," says Sean Cumming, Business Development Manager. "Orbitform's experience with a wide range of forming and fastening processes insures our customers will receive the most appropriate method of fastening for their application."

About Orbitform
Orbitform, North America's only manufacturer of orbital forming equipment, offers a portfolio that spans orbital forming, spiral forming, roller forming, impact and hot upset riveting, robotic MIG and resistance welding, palletized conveyance, process intelligence, prototype and small production runs, and all aspects of assembly automation solutions. Orbitform is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. More information about Orbitform is available at http://www.orbitform.com/.

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