Orbital Welding Heads feature compact, ergonomic design.

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Automatic TS 8/75 tube/tubesheet welding heads have ergonomic double grip with control buttons for clamping and welding. They have pneumatically operated clamping/centring system that lets user work with several welding heads simultaneously as well as adjustable support legs. Integrated rotating wire feed ensures feed velocity and impact position for filler wire are constant, while closed cooling water circuit maximizes service life.

Original Press Release:

Orbital TIG Welding - Polysoude Makes a Technological Leap Forward

New high-tech weld heads: more productive, more ergonomic

Nantes - With modern inverter power sources such as the P4 and the larger P6, Polysoude, Nantes, has set a new technological standard for automated orbital TIG welding. With this advance the French market-leader is opening up new dimensions in quality and cost-effectiveness for plant construction. In a second step the company has technologically and visually adapted the other crucial components of its high-tech orbital welding systems to the new joining concept: brand-new welding heads that are particularly easy to use and that are of ergonomic and futuristic design at the same time.

These new orbital welding heads also make tube to tubesheet welding and tube-tube welding particularly easy for the operator. During the development of the TS 8/75 tube/tubesheet welding head, the requirement was: more compact, more ergonomic, more productive, more straightforward, more fully automatic, and more precise. The Polysoude team improved upon these requirements - the TS 8/75 impresses with its low weight and compact shape when applied to the workpiece; its ergonomic double grip with integrated control buttons for clamping and welding; the integrated pneumatically operated clamping/centring system makes it possible to work with several welding heads simultaneously; the wire feed and support legs are particularly easy to adjust; the standard arc height adjustment (AVC) assists the fully automatic joining process; the integrated simultaneously rotating wire feed ensures the feed velocity is constant and the impact position for the filler wire is also constant.

The new welding head takes a long service life and operating times in its stride with the closed cooling water circuit. A collector supplies the continuously rotating torch with power, shielding gas and cooling water - the mass of cables and hoses on conventional torches is therefore a thing of the past.

The realm of the tube/tubesheet welding head is making joints on heat exchangers - one of the most versatile process components and one with the most variable shape: for steam generators in power stations, cooling in air-conditioning systems and heating systems, and sterilisation in the food industry. In these applications it is often necessary to make several thousand identical joints. For this reason only an automated welding process is cost-effective here - the defect rate with Polysoude joining systems is almost zero. This statement applies to all basic materials, irrespective of whether it is carbon steel or stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, or duplex.

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Andrea Husson

2, rue Paul Beaupère

F - 44300 Nantes

Tel.: + 33 2 40 68 11 74

E-Mail: a.husson@polysoude.com

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