Orbital Fusion Head utilizes digital technology.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring 1.7 in. wide, Model 860 welds tube from 2-6 in. and can be used in tight clearance applications for welding fitting-to-fitting or fitting-to valve. Enclosed autogenous weld head features over-close collet clamping system and full exchange water cooling system that allow for true 100% duty cycle. Digital encoder drive motors eliminate need for calibration.

Original Press Release:

New Model Orbital Fusion Head Introduced

Magnatech had just added a new, larger model to its 800 Series of orbital weld Heads. The new Model 860 fusion welds tube from 2" to 6" (50 - 150mm). The company recently introduced the 800 Series, a line of enclosed autogenous orbital weld heads that utilize digital technology. Digital encoder drive motors eliminate the need for calibration. (QC can quickly verify the accuracy, but calibration will never change over time.)

The 860 Head is the most compact and lightweight 6" (150mm) head available today. Only 0.75" (19mm) of straight length is required - tungsten to collet face. The 860 head is only 1.7" (43mm) wide, allowing use for tight clearance applications welding fitting-to-fitting or fitting-to-valve.

According to the company, new construction techniques make the series cost-effective, durable, and easy to service in the field. A unique design, over-close collet clamping system, and an exclusive full exchange water cooling system allow for true 100 % duty cycle. Now five models handle tube sizes from 0.125" to 6.00" (3 - 150mm) OD.

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