OpVista's AnyWave Optical Network Paves the Way for Carrier Ethernet Transport Networks

ANAHEIM, Calif., March 27 / -- OpVista today unveiled the AnyWave(SM) Optical Network, a networking approach that finally allows communications service providers to achieve reliable carrier class Ethernet services over existing network infrastructure. Service providers are eager to adopt the carrier Ethernet transport (CET) model to reap the many advantages of Ethernet and IP (Internet Protocol), such as converged networks with flexible service provisioning and high-capacity wavelength (DWDM) links, to handle the growing onslaught of video and other high-bandwidth traffic. By simply installing OpVista's products into their existing network infrastructures, service providers can now obtain a carrier class (meaning 99.999% reliability) Ethernet transport backbone, easily and cost-effectively.

OpVista's AnyWave approach represents a departure from other recently introduced CET strategies that require "forklift" upgrades or lack capacity and scalability to support true next-gen services. AnyWave is unique in its ability to both simply and easily transform a carrier's existing, legacy infrastructure into a CET-ready network. AnyWave's complete adherence to all international standards and interoperability with existing DWDM systems eliminates the need for costly additional investments -- for instance, in new fiber to accommodate higher bit rate links or "forklift upgrades" to add capacity.

Leading carriers such as Cox Communications and Time Warner Communications are developing OpVista AnyWave networks to meet end user demand for high-bandwidth services.

"The AnyWave network is designed to create reliable and robust carrier Ethernet networks quickly and cost-effectively. OpVista's AnyWave products fit easily into current networks, creating scalable anywhere capacity, as well as the network resilience carriers need to deliver true business services," said Karl May, President and Chief Executive Officer of OpVista.

"OpVista's progress to date has enabled the company to become the industry's third leading provider of ROADM systems and AnyWave represents the natural extension of OpVista's product line and vision for the CET. The promise of optical networking to deliver business class bandwidth is finally here. Carriers therefore can have a great deal of confidence in OpVista's technology and the capabilities of the AnyWave system," said Deb Mielke, President of Treillage Network Strategies, Inc.

OpVista AnyWave products use patented and completely standards-compliant techniques to exponentially expand the number of available wavelengths in the network -- in a completely reconfigurable (ROADM) setting -- and then add higher order network intelligence to create a service-independent transport network. Such a network avoids the cost and inflexibility of multiple pre-configured, single-purpose networks that often result in complex overlay situations beset with multiple network management schemes. With a single, unified AnyWave network, carriers can now handle many types of next generation services, including: broadcast video, video on demand, switched digital video, traditional SONET or SDH, and business services such as GbE, 10GbE and storage area networking.

AnyWave also features another distinguishing benefit in the form of single wavelength granularity, so that carriers can turn on and off service one wavelength at a time -- at any network node and via any network path (e.g., ring or point-to-point). The resulting advanced switched ring architecture gives service providers the ability to offer many types of guaranteed services (in the form of service level agreements).

In summary, the AnyWave optical network consists of the following products (listed by network function):

Scalable Network Capacity
o Ultra-DWDM 10G over 2.5G existing networks and 40G over 10G existing
networks, without DCM or DCF
o WaveWeaver(TM)

Connectivity any where at any time at the Wavelength Level
o Optical Multicast

Network Resiliency -- ability to create a wide range of SLAs
o Switched Ring Architecture (SRA)

CAPEX and OPEX Reductions
o EtherWave(TM)

OpVista made the announcement concurrent with OFC/NFOEC, the industry's leading event for optical networking, and will be chairing a panel on "Escalating Bandwidth Demands in Enterprise Networking" on March 29, 2007 1:30-3:30.

About OpVista

The OpVista AnyWave Optical Network turns existing network infrastructure into carrier Ethernet-ready networks easily and cost-effectively. Universally compatible with existing DWDM systems and fiber plant, the AnyWave product family provides the most effective way for carriers to boost metro and regional network capacity to meet exploding consumer and business demand for high-bandwidth video, such as HDTV, and IP-based services. Carriers can quadruple the number of wavelength services and corresponding capacity in first generation systems by simply installing the OpVista2000. Using OpVista's unique "optical multicasting: solution, carriers can deliver bandwidth in single wavelength increments to any node at any time. As carriers make the transition to IP and Ethernet-based services, OpVista is there to help carriers realize greater revenue and reduce both operating and capital expenditures. OpVista is based in Milpitas, CA. For more information visit opvista.com/.

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