Optrex America Introduces New Value Line of Economical TFT LCDs

Plymouth, MI, - Leading LCD manufacturer Optrex America has introduced a new family of economically priced TFT-LCDs called the Value Line. This product line includes three displays: 10.1-inch, 11.6-inch and 14.0-inch diagonal. These unique products offer great value for high-volume consumer applications.

Optrex has long been known as a supplier of high-performance displays as standard product to the automotive and industrial markets. "While we continue offering our high-end displays to our key market segments such as medical, ATM, POS, avionics and automotive," said Jim Little, Vice President of Industrial Sales, "we want to extend our position in emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, and Russia."

This new Value Line products offer good performance at a very affordable price point, which is crucial for emerging markets. Optrex's technical team will fully support the Value Line TFTs, and the company's standard product warranty is included.

The new 10.1-inch (TVL-55682D101U-LW-I-AAN) TFT-LCD features wide format and 1024 x 600 resolution, slim & thin design, and a total thickness of only 5.2 mm. It features LED backlighting and very low power consumption of only 2.8 W. It has a brightness of 200 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 500:1, and a standard LVDS interface. This display is ideal for applications where space is limited and low power consumption is required. Volume pricing for the 10.1-inch is below $108.00.

Optrex's new 11.6-inch (TVL-55683D116U-LW-I-AAN) TFT-LCD features wide format and 1366 x 768 resolution, slim design, a total thickness of only 3.7 mm, LED backlighting, and low power consumption of 4.2 W. It has a brightness of 220 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 500:1, and a wide viewing angle of -75 ~ 75 degrees horizontally and -50 ~ 60 degrees vertically. Volume pricing for the 11.6-inch is $133.00.

The new 14.0-inch (TVL-55684D140U-LW-I-AAN) TFT-LCD features wide format, 1366 x 768 resolution and slim design, and a total thickness of only 5.2 mm, as well as LED backlighting and only 4.8 W power consumption. It has a brightness of 200 cd/m2, contrast ratio of 500:1, and a standard LVDS interface. Volume pricing for the 14.0-inch is $165.00

For more information, contact Jessica He at Optrex America, Inc., 46723 Five Mile Road, Plymouth, MI 48170. Tel: 734-416-8500; Fax: 734-416-8520; E-mail: jhe@optrexusa.com. More information about Optrex LCD products and display technologies is available at www.optrex.com.

About Optrex

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Optrex is a major LCD manufacturer that has followed an aggressive policy of growth and expansion and now serves customers through an extensive in-field network of application engineers and more than 100 sales and distribution offices throughout the world, including Optrex America Inc. in Plymouth, MI, USA. As a leading designer and manufacturer of flat panel displays, Optrex provides several strengths of interest to OEMs including a 35-year track record, broad product and technology offerings, a clear focus on small to medium size displays, commitment to key markets, and a truly global manufacturing and support infrastructure.

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