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With DataXu Platform, advertisers can measure, analyze, and optimize digital media across ad exchanges of Google, Yahoo, and others. Program values, bid manages, and buys each ad impression individually, making real-time decisions on each ad opportunity as it occurs. Campaign-specific bidding algorithms dynamically evolve based on campaign performance. With ability to process hundreds of thousands of ad decisions/sec, each returned in under 100 ms, DataXu eliminates unnecessary impression spend.

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DataXu Launches the First Real-Time Optimization Platform for Advertisers

Havas Digital Chooses DataXu as Optimization Partner

SAN FRANCISCO and BOSTON, Sept. 15 /-- TechCrunch 50 Conference -- DataXu, a 2009 TechCrunch50 finalist, today introduced the industry's first real-time optimization platform for online advertising campaigns. The DataXu platform enables advertisers to measure, analyze and optimize digital media across the ad exchanges of Google, Yahoo and others. Unlike any other online advertising service, the DataXu platform values, bid manages and buys each ad impression individually, making real-time decisions on each ad opportunity, as it occurs. With the ability to process hundreds of thousands of "ad decisions" a second -- each returned in under 100 milliseconds -- DataXu produces higher returns on media investments and lowers media costs by eliminating unnecessary impression spend.

"We see significant pent-up demand for Real-Time Bidding functionality in the marketplace," said William Morrison of ThinkEquity LLC. "Our talks with ad agencies in particular indicate optimism that real-time bidding will provide them with an opportunity to provide enhanced value to clients. DataXu represents a major step forward in enabling agencies to do precisely this. In particular, Havas' selection of DataXu is a clear indicator of real-time bidding's significance to major advertisers."

Key features of the DataXu platform include:

-- Real-time evaluation and bidding on individual ad impressions.

-- Campaign-specific bidding algorithms that dynamically evolve based on campaign performance.

-- Automated multivariate creative optimization.

-- Performance insights by nanosegment.

-- Consumer profile management by campaign, brand, or client.

-- Single source access to multiple ad exchanges.

For agencies, DataXu offers a way to transform their business models to align with the new era of data-driven decisioning and bring new value to their clients. For publishers, this means another way to monetize each impression, and to realize higher eCPMs for valuable impressions that might have been sold in a lower value "basket" using traditional media sales practices.

"We are continually looking for ways to help our clients get the best return on investment from digital media," said Anthony Rhind, co-chief executive officer, Havas Digital. "It's increasingly clear that expert use of data to value and purchase online advertising delivers significant performance advantages. We selected DataXu's technology platform for its ability to measure, analyze and optimize campaigns on an impression-level, real-time basis on a global scale. By leveraging this technology, we believe we can bring a new level of transparency, accountability and performance to our client's digital campaigns."

DataXu works with customers to implement a campaign based on KPI, budget, creative, and any prior campaign data. Using advanced machine learning technology developed at MIT, DataXu then creates and continuously evolves brand and campaign-specific algorithms that predict which impressions are likely to yield specific actions on the advertiser's site. These algorithms run on DataXu's bid management system, which connects to all of the major ad exchanges. Initial inventory partners include AdMeld, AppNexus, PubMatic, Yahoo/Right Media, and the newly launched Google/Doubleclick Ad Exchange.

"Real time bidding is a game changer for brands and agencies. Ad buyers that can select and price media using their own proprietary data and algorithms will achieve significant improvement in ROI. But advertisers aren't equipped to build the complex technology required to succeed," said Mike Baker, founder and CEO, DataXu. "DataXu has solved the problem by providing the first cross-exchange platform to automate the process at scale."

About DataXu

DataXu, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, offers the first real-time ad optimization platform for advertisers. This powerful technology improves performance, lowers media costs, and delivers unique insights to advertisers. DataXu's executive team unites leading executives in digital media with MIT technologists. The private company is backed by Atlas Venture and Flybridge Capital Partners. For more information visit www.dataxu.com or follow us on Twitter at @dataxuinc.

CONTACT: Tim Inthirakoth, +1-781-916-9090 ext 805, tim@inkhousepr.com

Web Site: www.dataxu.com/

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