Optimization Software monitors plant performance.

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PlantTriage baselines performance of plant, then continually monitors and assesses performance of each area in plant. Using templates, user sets up baselines for performance and threshold to not exceed for unit operations, groups of loops, or entire plant. Templates let user customize threshold assessments, including time window, minimum, maximum, average, number of standard deviations, etc.

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Baseline Your Plant For Better Performance

ExperTune's new PlantTriage baselines the performance of your plant for future comparison. Compare your plant against the baseline to see how the changes you make improve the performance.

PlantTriage continually monitors and assesses the performance of each area in the plant giving you complete control of how you baseline or compare performance. For the assessment of each loop in the plant you can set a baseline of performance and a threshold to not exceed.

Using PlantTriage templates, you can easily set-up the baselines for a unit operation, group of loops, or the entire plant. Graphically zoom to a time window when the plant was operating well, or where you want to establish a baseline and press "set baselines".

Use PlantTriage default templates or completely customize your own for complete control of baseline and threshold performance settings. The templates let you customize the setting of baseline and threshold assessments, from a time window you choose, by selecting minimum, maximum, average, X number of standard deviations, a fixed value, or no change. Apply the templates to a unit operation, entire plant or a group of loops you define.

For example, you may want to baseline the average error of the PV for all flow loops using assessments from last week. Select the appropriate template, zoom in on the window of data from last week, and click "set baselines". At the same time, your template could specify a threshold limit over which you do not want the average error to exceed. For example, you can set templates for flow, temperature, pressure, any group of loops, unit operation or the entire plant.

PlantTriage continually monitors the plant and assesses the performance against the baselines and thresholds you define. Trend any assessment against its baseline, or prioritize loops needing attention based on how close assessments are to thresholds.

ExperTune's full suite of optimization tools makes it easy to increase the efficiency of your process. Use ExperTune software to analyze and tune PID loops in any industrial controller.

ExperTune includes powerful simulation, modeling, robustness, linearization, valve wear analysis, pH linearizer, time series analysis, multivariable, statistical, frequency response, and loop tuning tools.

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