Optical Tables Available in Five Performance Levels

BOSTON, MA - Kinetic Systems, Inc. (KSI) now offers five basic performance levels for their vibration-damping Optical Tables, each customizable for a specific application. Constructed to exacting standards, these tables consistently provide flat, stiff, highly damped surfaces with high natural frequencies. They are available in sizes up to 6' x 20' and in thickness up to 36". All tables are Class 100 Cleanroom compatible, with Class 10 available as an option. KSI offers highly competitive pricing at each grade.

Of the five standard performance grades offered... The Ultimate Performer is the 5300 Series, the Research Grade is the 5200 Series, the Laboratory Grade is the 5100T Series, the Utility Grade is the 5100H Series, and for the Economy Grade KSI offers the 5100 Series.

The ultimate performer, the 5300 Series, is the logical choice for very-high-precision applications. Maximum dynamic deflection and maximum relative motion for this model exceed those of competitive tables, putting it in a class by itself. It features quad-tuned plus broadband damping and unsurpassed rigidity and stability.

For critical optical research, the 5200 Series offers dual-tuned plus broadband damping and excellent rigidity and stability.

For precision laboratory applications, the 5100T Series features tuned damping.
For typical laboratory procedures, the 5100H Series features nominal broadband damping using Kinetic Systems' proprietary epoxy formulation.
For economy, the 5100 Series has a slightly thinner skin yet provides good rigidity and stability.

Standard tabletops have a ferromagnetic stainless steel top skin, a carbon steel bottom skin, and a proprietary epoxy-bonded honeycomb core featuring the proprietary SPILLPRUF(TM) design, whereby entire rows of mounting holes are sealed to protect the core from accidental spills and to simplify cleanup.

KSI Optical Tables are available in custom sizes and with various options and accessories. In addition to special lengths, widths, shapes, cutouts, and notches, there are numerous options for the table's core and skin materials, including aluminum, nonmagnetic stainless steel, and Invar. Accessories include laser ports, shelves, tabletop enclosures, retractable casters, and modular splices for joining tables in "L", "U", and "T" configurations.

Kinetic Systems, Inc., is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of vibration isolation equipment, optical tables, and related components used in a wide range of industries worldwide, including research and development, quality control, laboratories, and semiconductor manufacturing.

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