Optical Sub-Assembly provides key component for LRM modules.

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Designed to meet needs of 10 Gbps SFP+ and XFP 10Gbase-LRM modules, Fabry-Perot LC Transmit Optical Sub Assembly uses XMD-MSA compatible Flex as standard electrical interface and is available with LC optical receptacle, with SC as option for other form factors. Unit employs 1,310 nm Fabry-Perot laser diode designed for direct modulation and un-cooled operation over -5 to +85° temperature range.

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EMCORE Announces 10G LRM Fabry-Perot TOSA

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., March 26 /- EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ:EMKR), a leading provider of compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber optic, satellite and solar power markets, today announced sample availability of a 1310 10Gbps Fabry-Perot LC Transmit Optical Sub Assembly (TOSA) designed to meet the emerging market of 10Gbps SFP+ and XFP 10Gbase-LRM modules.

EMCORE is a leading provider of LX4 modules for 10G links that operate up to distances of 300m over multimode fiber. This new product offering expands EMCORE's product base in 10G over multimode fiber applications by providing key components for LRM modules. LRM is an emerging technology that provides 10Gbps transmission speeds over 220m multi-mode optical fiber links as defined by the IEEE 802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM standard.

LRM modules started appearing on the market in 2006 with an increasing interest in the smaller form factor SFP+ in 2007. EMCORE's Fabry-Perot LC TOSA uses an XMD-MSA compatible Flex as the standard electrical interface and is available with an LC optical receptacle (with SC as an option for other form factors). It employs EMCORE's superior 1310 nm Fabry-Perot laser diode designed for direct modulation and un-cooled operation over a -5 degrees to +85 degrees C operating temperature range.

"EMCORE's latest addition of the Fabry-Perot TOSA to the LRM family of products ensures we can offer an optimized transmit/receive solution for the demanding SFP+ form factor when paired with our LRM ROSA," said Dr. Tom Tumolillo, Jr., Product Line Manager for Devices and Components at EMCORE's Fiber Optics Division. EMCORE's LRM Receiver Optical Sub Assembly (ROSA), which includes a 10Gbps InP PIN photo-detector, transimpedance amplifier (TIA), and an LC or SC optical barrel complete the optimal solution for an optical to electrical interface for fiber to the module circuit board. The ROSA has differential output and remains linear over the input power range defined in the LRM standard. The product is optimized to work with EDC (Electronic Dispersion Compensation) ICs to meet the linear requirements of LRM modules.

EMCORE's 10Gbps LRM Fabry-Perot TOSA's are sampling today and these parts are fully compliant with RoHs requirements, and the 10G XMD MSA. The EMCORE LRM Product Portfolio will be on display at the OFC/NFOEC conference in Anaheim, CA, on March 27-29, 2007 at Booth #3142. For more information on these products and EMCORE, please visit www.emcore.com/ .

EMCORE Corporation offers a broad portfolio of compound semiconductor- based products for the broadband, fiber optic, satellite and solar power markets. EMCORE's Fiber Optic segment offers optical components, subsystems and systems for high speed data and telecommunications networks, cable television (CATV) and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP). EMCORE's Photovoltaic segment provides products for both satellite and terrestrial applications. For satellite applications, EMCORE offers high efficiency Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) solar cells, Covered Interconnect Cells (CICs) and panels. For terrestrial applications, EMCORE is adapting its high-efficiency GaAs solar cells for use in solar concentrator systems. For further information about EMCORE, visit www.emcore.com.

CONTACT: Brian Gibson, Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing of EMCORE Corporation, +1-505-323-3400, brian_gibson@EMCORE.com

Web site: www.emcore.com/

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