Optical Jumper provides network monitoring.

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Integrated optical/tap jumper can be utilized in any optical transport network such as voice, video, and data systems with optical signals. Tap/monitoring port can be added to any standard patch panel within existing network with no additional frame space. Jumper is also suitable for wavelength division multiplexing and optical power splitting applications.

Original Press Release:

FONS Launches Revolutionary Solution For Monitoring Optical Signals Through An Integrated Optical Tap Into Standard Cable Assemblies

Northborough, MA - FONS Corporation, a leading provider of fiber optic components and interconnect solutions, has pioneered an integrated solution for network monitoring which can be utilized in any optical transport network such as voice, video and data systems with optical signals. The launch of its new optical monitoring devices offers a means of providing an optical tap coupler within the body of a standard fiber optic connector. This product can be used in a variety of network topologies, but is ideal for gigabit Ethernet in the metro market, and will be showcased at the Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC) 2002, in Anaheim, California, March 19-21 in FONS' booth, no. 2453.

One of the principal advantages of the FONS' integrated optical/tap jumper is that this tap/monitoring port can be added to any standard patch panel within an existing network. In typical applications to date, an optical coupler is housed in an optical coupler cassette and is mounted in a new fiber patch panel on a fiber distribution frame. The optical coupler cassette requires valuable space in the fiber distribution frame, as well as additional cable assemblies. The FONS' integrated optical tap jumper can be used with no additional frame space and is very cost effective versus typical methods used today, at approximately 25% of the cost.

Furthermore, the overall optical performance in the network is improved with FONS' integrated optical tap jumper versus today's methods, and provides for very easy installation. "We are very excited to bring to market a solution that answers the escalating demands of applications requiring maximum network performance and superior long-term reliability," states Michael J. Noonan, President and CEO. "We are even more excited to do this while saving money, time, and space offering a winning solution for Service Providers, and that is what sells in today's market."

FONS' integrated optical jumper can be used in other applications such as wavelength division multiplexing and optical power splitting. FONS currently has a patent pending for its integrated optical jumper.

For additional information about FONS' fiber distribution, optical component or connectivity products, call 1-800-366-7995 or check our web site at www.fons.com.

About FONS Corporation (www.fons.com)

Founded in 1992, Fiber Optic Network Solutions (FONS) Corporation designs and manufactures a complete line of passive fiber optic components including traditional fiber management and connectivity product lines, as well as fused and micro-optic technology based optical components and modules, for single-mode and multi-mode applications. Its broad range of products include traditional fiber optic components such as cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, patch panels, attenuators, pre-wired rack and wall mounted enclosures and frames, as well as optical components including splitters, taps, WDMs and DWDMs. The company's blue chip customers include service providers, cable television companies, competitive local exchanges and local area networks for data applications. FONS also specializes in the design and manufacture of customized fiber optic management subassemblies, modules and sub-systems for network equipment manufacturers on an OEM basis.

More information about FONS is available at the company website: www.fons.com

30 Forbes Road, Northboro, MA 01532 - 800-FONS-995 - Fax 508-393-3657 - www.fons.com

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