Optical Fibers come in double- and triple-clad versions.

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Thulium-doped double-clad fiber consists of 25 mm core diameter and 250 mm cladding diameter suited for operation around eye safe 2 mm wavelength. Aimed at industrial laser market, triple-clad Yb-doped fiber consists of 20 mm Yb-doped core with 300 mm inner glass cladding and 330 mm outer glass cladding, surrounded by low-index polymer coating.

Original Press Release:

Nufern Launches First Highly Efficient Thulium-doped Double-Clad Fiber Expands Ytterbium-doped Fiber Product Line, Including Triple-clad Fiber Design

EAST GRANBY, CONN. - (January, 24, 2005) - Nufern, the largest independent manufacturer of fiber laser and amplifier modules and specialty optical fibers, announced today the first in a new generation of highly efficient Thulium-doped (Tm-doped) double-clad fibers for operation around the eye safe 2 mm wavelength, as well as an expansion of their Ytterbium-doped (Yb-doped) fiber family, including a range of single-clad fibers and a triple-clad fiber.

The Tm-doped double-clad fiber consists of a 25 mm core diameter and 250 mm cladding diameter. "The increasing customer interest in fiber lasers and amplifiers operating at eye safe wavelengths has encouraged us to introduce the first in a new generation of highly efficient Tm-doped double-clad fibers where the silica glass composition has been carefully optimized for efficient operation at the important 2 mm wavelength range," says Adrian Carter, Chief Technology Officer of Nufern. "The availability of high power pump diodes around 795 nm coupled with our highly efficient Tm-doped fiber, delivering around 50% conversion efficiency, will hopefully enable a similar power scaling phenomena as occurred at shorter wavelengths with our Yb-doped fibers."

Nufern has also expanded the successful Yb-doped fiber range with the introduction of a series of double-clad fibers aimed at the low power market and extending into fibers that do not require double-clad technology.

"Such fibers are frequently requested, for example, when constructing pre-amplifier stages before launching into our high power LMA fibers," explains Carter. "By offering the customer as many support fibers and components as possible, we hope to make it easier for people to adopt fiber laser technology while ensuring compatibility and quality of all the relevant fibers."

The fibers include PM and non-PM single-mode fibers with both high and low Yb-concentrations. Nufern also launched a non-PM version of the popular 15/130 double-clad fiber.

In another addition to the Yb-doped fiber platform, Nufern introduced the first in a new family of triple-clad fibers aimed at the industrial laser market. "There is a whole set of industrial standard fibers and connectors for delivering high power laser diodes, particularly popular in Europe, where a triple-clad fiber design is required for compatibility," continues Carter. "We feel it is particularly important that the new fiber laser technology be compatible with the existing delivery fibers from high-brightness diode bars and exciting fiber laser pump technology making advances in Europe. This fiber represents our first steps in introducing such a standard." The fiber consists of a 20 mm Yb-doped core, with a 300 mm inner glass cladding and 330 mm outer glass cladding, surrounded by a low-index polymer coating.

About Nufern

Nufern designs, manufactures, sells and supports fiber laser and amplifier modules and specialty optical fibers for a diverse range of industries. From its production, research and development facility in East Granby, Conn., USA, Nufern works from its core competencies in optical fiber design and integration to offer a wide array of standard fiber laser modules, fiber amplifiers and specialty fibers. Nufern's integrated team works closely with customers to provide rapid and cost-effective sub-assembly and fiber design services. For more information, call toll-free, 866-466-0214, or visit www.nufern.com.

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