Optical Fiber Glass Processors include onboard cleaver.

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Equipped with advanced fiber measurement software and high-resolution camera for real-time process viewing, Models GPX-3800 and GPX-3850 use proprietary filament fusion technology to create splices and fiber-based fused components such as combiners, tapers, mode converters, couplers, and end caps. GPX-3800 processes fibers with diameters as large as 1.25 mm, while GPX-3850 processes fibers up to 2 mm. In-situ cleaving on both models handles fiber diameters up to 400 microns.

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Vytran Adds to Family of Optical Fiber Glass Processors

New GPX-3800 and GPX-3850 Models Feature an Integrated Cleaver, Real-Time Process Viewing and Advanced Measurement Capabilities

Morganville, New Jersey, – Vytran, a leading supplier of innovative optical fiber splicing and processing solutions, has enhanced its GPX-3000 Series family of optical fiber glass processors with the new GPX-3800 and GPX-3850. These new models offer all fiber processing capabilities typical of Vytran’s GPX-3000 systems, with the added functionality of an on-board fiber cleaver, real-time process viewing, and advanced fiber measurement.

“Vytran’s GPX-3800 and GPX-3850 inherit the full capabilities of our flagship GPX-3000 family of glass processors,” said Ed Connor, Vytran CEO. “But we’ve enhanced the new models to give users even more control and monitoring of their glass processing, ensuring the highest quality fiber-based component production possible. This new functionality is ideal for making and cleaving fused-fiber pump and signal combiners for fiber lasers, precision cleaving GRIN lenses, and many other applications.”

Vytran’s GPX-3000 Series glass processors use proprietary filament fusion technology to create high-performance splices and fiber-based fused components such as combiners, tapers, mode converters, couplers and end caps. They can also be used for processes such as thermal core expansion and mode field adapting. New features on the GPX-3800 and GPX-3850 include:

- A built-in precision cleaver utilizing proven tension and scribe technology. The integrated cleaver reduces risks associated with fiber handling, provides accurate cleave location and superior cleave angle, and allows end surface inspection using the GPX unit’s imaging capabilities.

- A high-resolution camera and associated software. The new “hot image” viewing capability allows the user to visually monitor glass processing in real time.

- Advanced fiber measurement software. This new software works with the GPX system’s fiber end-view imaging capability to measure characteristics such as fiber circularity, fiber centroid and core eccentricity.

GPX-3000 Series glass processors are used for research, development and manufacturing in markets ranging from fiber laser and sensing to medical and aerospace. Vytran offers models to accommodate fiber diameters as small as 125 microns up to 2 mm. The new GPX-3800 processes fibers with diameters as large as 1.25 mm; GPX-3850 processes up to 2 mm. In-situ cleaving on both the GPX-3800 and GPX-3850 is for fiber diameters up to 400 microns.

About Vytran

Vytran is a leading supplier of innovative fiber fusion splicing and glass processing solutions for the fiber laser, sensing, medical, telecom, aerospace, and specialty fiber products markets. Vytran technologies are designed to reduce customers’ risk, speed their products to market, and lower their cost of ownership. The company’s patented filament fusion technology is paired with industry-leading machine monitoring and control capabilities to provide process control unattainable with other fusion splicing methods. These technologies, along with innovations in fiber cleaving, recoating and proof testing, make Vytran a leader in reliable, precision equipment for high-volume optical fiber assembly and specialty fiber processing. Vytran is a member of the NKT Group.

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