Ophthonix, Inc. Names Delphi Medical Systems 'Supplier of the Year'

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 17 / - Delphi Medical Systems, a business unit of Delphi Product and Service Solutions, received the highest honor from its customer Ophthonix earlier this fall - being named 2006 Supplier of the Year.

Ophthonix Inc., a San Diego-based vision correction company, recognized Delphi Medical Systems with a Supplier of the Year award for performance excellence in the manufacturing of the Z-View(TM) Wavefront Aberrometer, made possible by the significant contributions of Delphi employees on the project.

"The Delphi team went above and beyond what we expected, but most important was Delphi's approach and investment in creating a long term association with Ophthonix, a company that seeks true value-added partnerships with its suppliers," said John Lemperle, Vice President, Operations, Ophthonix. "We found that the Delphi team is goal-driven, delivers outstanding quality and believes in a strategy of continuous improvement in the manufacturing process of the Z-view Aberrometer. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with an extremely reliable, accurate and cost effective final product," added Lemperle.

Using waterfront technology, the Z-view Aberrometer analyzes the path light travels through the eye. The process involves a safe, low power, painless light that is beamed off the retina of the eye and reflected out. During this process, which takes approximately one minute, the Z-View measures the unique optical fingerprint, or iPrint(TM), of each eye. The iPrint measurements of the Z-View Aberrometer are used to produce the iZon(TM) High Resolution Lens, which provides patients with the benefit of high definition vision.

Delphi Material Managers Michele Colburn and Suzi Buie accepted the award in early October. Delphi Medical System's Managing Director Dave Berge is proud of the team for achieving this milestone.

"The entire Delphi Medical Systems team deserves this 2006 Supplier of the Year award from Ophthonix," said Berge. "Our relationship with this important, fast-growing customer is an example of how we invest in contract manufacturing relationships. Our unique set of supply chain, engineering, and production capabilities compliment the innovative core technology and solid business model of Ophthonix."

The Z-View Aberrometer was developed especially for eye care practitioners who dispense eyeglasses. Prior to the Z-View, wavefront aberrometers had been used primarily in refractive surgery. The Z-View now brings aberrometry to non-surgical vision correction.

Driven by the prescription from the Z-View, the iZon Eyeglasses are designed to reduce distortions commonly caused by the aberrations of the eye. The iZon Eyeglasses have demonstrated significantly better visual acuity and contrast sensitivity in controlled clinical settings. Additionally, in FDA validated night driving simulation testing, the iZon brand produced a 20% improvement in response time.

"We are happy to be involved with Ophthonix and this incredible Z-view Aberrometer, which helps to improve a patient's sight beyond anything previously attainable," said Berge. "We are glad that they feel like our work in manufacturing this product earns us the title of 2006 Supplier of the Year."

Delphi Medical Systems:

Delphi Medical Systems is a world-class provider of technology, products, and product development and manufacturing for Dialysis, Infusion, Respiratory Care, Vital Signs Monitoring and Power Mobility. Its capabilities stem from Delphi's vast technology base, product development expertise and manufacturing excellence. Delphi Medical Systems, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC and is part of Delphi Product and Service Solutions. For more information about Delphi Medical Systems, visit www.delphimedical.com.

About Ophthonix:

Ophthonix, Inc., a San Diego-based, venture-funded ophthalmic company, is developing exceptional vision assessment and correction technologies to greatly enhance visual acuity. Ophthonix is currently advancing a system that will improve the ability of optometrists and ophthalmologists to care for their patients and benefit the millions around the world requiring vision correction. Ophthonix is located at 10455 Pacific Center Court, San Diego, CA 92121, www.ophthonix.com, media@ophthonix.com (858) 869-2086.

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